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Roycemore Weekly Newsletter - February 5, 2019

From the Head of School
From the Head of School

Put Your Phone Down-- And Smile!

- By Adrianne Finley Odell

I was recently speaking with several other Heads of School of Chicago area schools at an annual conference specifically for Heads.  We were discussing the challenges that we are all facing related to the increasing use of technology by our students and the impact that, for example, the ubiquitous nature of cell phones has had on our students. We began this conversation as a continuation of the dialogue we started last September at a gathering we hosted at Roycemore.  We discussed how we might do a better job of ensuring our students have the skills that they need when they leave our schools to find success in college and then in the work world. Both university and corporate representatives shared with us at that time that they are finding less and less young people with the requisite skills that are needed and expected-- skills such as problem-solving, the ability to build teams, communicate, collaborate and more.  In our follow up conversation, the fellow heads and I identified several areas where we believed we could collaborate for the good of our school communities and we decided to begin with a focus on the social-emotional health of our students. In the coming year, we will partner to provide educational opportunities for our communities such as creating programming for students and providing expert speakers to support parents.

Each of our schools are finding heightened levels of anxiety among young people.  While we believe that there are a variety of reasons for this, we agreed that the nearly addictive use of cellphones is a factor.  Not the ONLY factor, mind you, but it has had a significant impact on our students.

One  of the sessions at the conference was, “Recognizing, Understanding & Supporting Anxious Youth and Their Families.”  The session referenced research that was done at the University of California- Berkeley related to happiness. Out of this research, the Greater Good Science Center was formed at the university and has served as a home for ongoing research related to happiness.  In fact, just this past week, the Center’s magazine published an article citing a new study in the journal, Computers in Human Behavior.   It maintains when people are on their cellphones more, they smile less and reduce their ability to connect with other people that they are physically present with.  It’s compelling and makes sense-- put your phones down and smile! What else might we do more of if we spend less time on our phones?

We can take this on as a community. I would love to hear from our families about ways they encourage more face-to-face engagement vs. screen time with their children.  What’s working? Have you made a change in your household that is making a difference? Have you personally made a change or have you made a change with respect to your child’s phone use?  Share your stories with me, and I can facilitate sharing with fellow parents and caregivers. Let me know if you would like to engage further on this topic as it is through working together that we raise great young people.  Those great young people will soon be our country’s leaders. What are the skills that we hope and dream for them? Becoming more present in their own lives, as it is happening, is surely a tool we want to give them for the future!

Coming Up On The Calendar

- Wednesday, February 6th - Parent Visitation Day from 8:30-10:30am (Register Here)

- Friday, February 8th - Panera Fundraiser Event  (1700 Sherman Ave. Evanston) 4:00-8:00pm (Bring This Flyer To Get 10% Donated Back To Roycemore)

- Wednesday, February 13th - Documentary Screening, "Won't You Be My Neighbor", Rotary International Headquarters Evanston (I560 Sherman Ave.), 6:00pm (Register Here)


- Thursday, Feb. 21st - FAN Presentation by Yong Zhao, "Reach for Greatness", New Trier High School, 7pm (Read More Here)



Re-Enrollment Is Open!

Calling all current families!  Now is the time to complete your re-enrollment forms.  All current families have been sent re-enrollment information and forms must be submited by March 1st in order to secure your spot for next year.  Please be aware that discounts are available for families who take advantage of our Advanced Payment options.   For questions about re-enrollment, please contact Tanise Robnett

This Week In Sports
  • Tuesday February 5Middle School and Upper School Girls Intramural Games and Senior night, Roycemore Gym, 3:30 and 4:30pm
  • Wednesday February 6Upper School Boys Basketball at Rochelle Zell High School (1095 Lake Cook Road Rd. in Deerfield), Game Time is 4:30pm (Leaving at 3:15pm, Returning at 6:45pm)
  • Friday February 8 - Upper School Boys Basketball at Roycemore vs Lycee Francais, 6:00pm

Visit Roycemore

Are you tired of asking, "How was school today?" Only to get a half-hearted "fine" for an answer?  If so, then join us for Parent Visitation Day and see for yourself what goes on at Roycemore.  

Wednesday, February 6th, 8:30am - 10:30am

Save The Date

Scholarship Dinner and Auction

Join us for this year's Roycemore's Scholarship Dinner and Auction on Saturday, April 27th.  For more information, please contact Sara McGuire at

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration Started Last Week!  

Camp Griffin, Roycemore's long standing traditional summer camp for ages 3-12, will be running from June 17-August 9th.  Drop off starts at 7:30am and pick up is available as late as 6:00pm.  Hot lunch and snacks included as well as field trips and regular swim instruction at the YWCA. 

Inspiration Factory are theme-based, enrichment camps run by Roycemore faculty and start as early as June 10.  Options are available for students from Pre-Kindergarten through High School.  Morning sessions and afternoon sessions can be combined for a full day of fun.  

Please go to our website to read more about all of these great summer options. 

Community Happenings

Roycemore School was started on the campus of Northwestern Unversity and we are proud of the strong relationship we have maintained with the University over the years.  They are a great resource for our community and we encourage you to check out upcoming NU Public Events as well as upcoming NU Diversity and Inclusion Events.



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