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Roycemore Weekly Newsletter - Graduation Edition 2019

From the Head of School

A Tribute to the Class of 2019

- By Adrianne Finley Odell

If you aren’t already aware, the Roycemore School Class of 2019 is a remarkable group of individuals. They are characterized both by their areas of commonality and their areas of individuality. They are one of our larger graduating classes and yet they are a pretty close-knit group of students. As close as they are, they didn’t let that influence their college choices too much. This class of 27 students will be attending 24 different colleges in 15 different states from Maine to Oregon, and from North Carolina to Michigan.  They will be attending large public institutions, small private colleges, art schools, tech schools and Ivy League institutions. They’ll be pursuing everything from art and design to engineering, medicine to meteorology.  And on the side they will likely continue some of the activities they participated in in high school, from theater to martial arts, to tutoring young children, to pursuing photography. This diverse group of individuals--indeed ORIGINALS-- has found beauty in their diversity and strength and joy in their uniqueness.

Class of 2019 By The Numbers

The 27 Graduates of the Class of 2019 were also offered over $2,450,000 in merit scholarships and were accepted into the following schools:

Allegheny College 
Art Center College of Design (CA) 
Boston University 
Bradley University 
California College of the Arts 
California Lutheran University 
Carnegie Mellon University Qatar 
Chapman University 
Clark University 
Colby College 
Colorado State University 
Columbia College Chicago 
Connecticut College 
Creighton University 
DePaul University 
Emerson College 
Emory University 
Fordham University 
Grinnell College 
Illinois Institute of Technology 
Indiana University 
Iowa State University 
Kalamazoo College 
Kenyon College 
Lake Forest College 
Lawrence University 
Loyola University Chicago Marlboro College 
Maryville University of St. Louis 
Monmouth University 
Muhlenberg College 
Northeastern University 
Northwestern University 
Oberlin College 
Pacific Northwest College of Art 
Parsons School of Design 
Pratt Institute 
Purdue University 
Reed College 
Rutgers University, Newark 
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
School of the Visual Arts (NY) 
Smith College 
St. John’s College, MD 
University of California, Davis 
University of California, Irvine 
University of California, Santa Barbara 
University of California, Santa Cruz 
University of Denver 
University of Houston, Downtown 
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 
University of Iowa 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
University of Minnesota 
University of Missouri 
University of North Carolina, Charlotte 
University of Northwestern Ohio 
University of Pennsylvania 
University of Pittsburgh 
University of Rochester 
University of Vermont 
University of Washington 
University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Vassar College 
Warren Wilson College 
Washington University St. Louis 
Wellesley College 
West Virginia University

Upper School Graduation Speaker - Katrin LaBonne

"Good afternoon. Today we celebrate the class of 2019. This is it. The time when 2019 becomes an actual year and end date rather than a name for our class. We’re getting ready to leave each other and enter the next stage of our lives. While sitting down to write this speech, the only word I could think of that accurately describes this class is family. One of the things that makes the class of 2019 so special is how long many of us have been together. Some of us have been here as long as Mr. Fogarty. Our experience here has been a unique one. Not every class speaker can say they’ve watched their peers grow up. High school is an important time for personal growth, yes, but I still remember a time when I was taller than many of the boys in this class. Back then, I never would have pictured myself giving this speech. It’s crazy to think that, after all this time, I’m standing here today speaking to all of you, my family, about our time together."

Middle School Class Speakers

Roycemore was lucky to have two bright and articulate students speak at the Middle School Awards and 8th Grade Graduation, Natalia B. and Sanjeev G. With poise and humor, they made us laugh and cry while they reflected on their time here at Roycemore and what it is like to be a Middle School Griffin. Please enjoy these excerpts from their speeches…

Natalia B.
"Teachers at Roycemore aren’t just teachers, they are close friends that teach you something new every day until you know it as well as your name. Every kid in this school is almost like family with each other. Age doesn’t really break us apart, I guess it just brings us more together. It is awesome to see the older kids hanging out with the preschoolers. This is seen in all sorts of events in Roycemore, for example, choir, where the middle and upper school sing together, like today. All school events, like Carnival, Chinese new year, Palio, Wassail, and tumbling are also times when kids of all ages are celebrating together."

Sanjeev G.
"There’s something special about Roycemore that binds us and keeps us close. Remember to take that spirit of kinship that we’ve taken for granted here in our little Roycemore bubble and use it to form new, strong friendships with your new classmates. Another nice thing that we’ve taken for granted here at Roycemore is the encouragement we’ve received, regardless of our expertise, to play every sport and participate in every activity. In high school, we may not get that same encouragement, or we may not feel as comfortable to try something new in front of our new classmates. For my classmates, use the confidence you’ve built here to try new things and don’t be afraid to fail. Whether failure means embarrassment, sore muscles, or even a 97, remember that you’ll never experience success if you don’t try. And whatever you choose to pursue during and after high school, just make sure you give 110%. Don’t go in timidly or halfway. Remember that every time we fail, we’ve become one step closer to success."

The Elinor Rice Fuchs Teacher of the Year - Ruth Hecht

The Elinor Rice Fuchs Distinguished Teacher of the Year for 2019 is Ruth Hecht!  Ruth has a special ability to connect with students and helps them discover strengths that they may not even know they have.  Her warm care, and calm, steady and expert guidance provides the kind of individual support that Roycemore is known for.  Ruth is deeply invested in each child.  Students can often be found in her classroom outside of class time to finish working on a project because they care so deeply about getting it right.  She is deeply attuned to her students and it is clear how much she loves them and is proud of their accomplishments. 


"With the right attitude, you learn more from the smallest mistake
than from the largest success."

Graduation Speech By Geoffrey Mark

Every year Roycemore recognizes the acomplishments of one of our outstanding alumni. This has become a long standing tradition and it gives the school a chance to make the entire Roycemore community aware of what our amazing alumni are doing out in the world.  This year, we are very proud to name Geoffrey Mark, Class of 1985, as our Distinguished Alumnus.  

Geoffrey is a Computer Graphics Supervisor in the Television and Movie Industry and has worked on such well-known projects as Spider Man 3, Battlestar Galactica, The Vampire Diaries and The Orville. He also spent time in the Video Game Animation business working on several Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games, even running his own business for a period of time. Delivering his speech at Graduation, he was able to share with our seniors insights and reflections about his journey from Roycemore to Hollywood.   

"Graduates, professors, family and friends. Graduation speeches such as this are usually filled with advice to the newly matriculated. Advice coming from experiences and adventures enjoyed so far in the past that they have little bearing on what these young people here today might be facing.

So, today, I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I’ll offer three simple yet hard fought secrets that have worked for me again and again. And, I will hope that they will be useful regardless of the millennia in which they are used.

For those of you who don’t know me, since graduating Roycemore in 1985, I have enjoyed a tumultuous career spanning almost thirty years in an industry where newcomer burnout is measured in months. The entertainment industry is difficult at every level, with twelve hour days the standard, weekends sometimes a luxury and steady work almost unknown."

Middle School and Upper School Awards

This June, we had a number of Roycemore students and community members who were recognized for their achievements and contributions during the 2018-2019 school year.

Photos from the Upper School Graduation

Upper School graduation was a magical day for the Roycemore community. We saw 27 extraordinary students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas as young men and women ready to take on the next chapter of whatever their lives will bring them. Our school will forever by changed by their presence on campus and we are very proud to call them all Griffins. Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

(Note: All pictures are available for download and can be printed anywhere.)

Photos from the Middle School Awards Ceremony and 8th Grade Graduation

Enjoy these pictures from the Middle School Awards and 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. It was a wonderful day and we are proud of all the hardwork put forth by our Middle School students.

(Note: All pictures are available for download and can be printed anywhere.)

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