Volume 13| November 19, 2019
Roycemore School Weekly Newsletter
From The Head of School
Why Creativity?

By: Adrianne Finley Odell- Head of School
Creativity. Persuasion. Collaboration. Adaptability. Time Management.  

According to LinkedIn Learning, these are the top five “soft” skills  most in demand by companies right now. Similarly, the World Economic Forum has identified many of these skills, including creativity, as a growing part of the core skill requirements for many industries today and in the years ahead. Why Creativity? It is a skill that cannot easily be demonstrated by technology. Creativity can be thought of in many ways, but it is especially relevant for our world today as it is a required skill for problem solving and identifying new ideas or approaches to a challenge. Some people believe that one is either born with creativity or not. On the contrary, creativity can be learned-- or rather, it is a skill that can be cultivated similarly to how other hard skills can be developed such as scientific, computational, and analytical skills.

In Roycemore School’s Early Childhood program, we often will talk about how young children believe they are playing, but the curriculum is so enriched that the students are learning foundational skills such as reading, writing, math, social studies, and science through fun, hands-on activities. This is the most natural way to learn. It is fun. It is engaging, and it mimics the natural learning process we experience in so much of our lives. Our faculty have been thinking about ways we can expand this kind of experience throughout the school, whether a student is three or eighteen. We are exploring ways to balance this progressive approach to education with a pragmatic one that ensures students acquire the key concepts and abilities that are needed to gain entry into their college of choice and ultimately in their careers.

Friday’s Adobe Creative Jam at Roycemore provided this kind of experience for our students...

Coming Up on the Calendar
  • Thursday, November 21st - FREE Yoga at Roycemore, 5:00pm (All Ages and Abilities)
  • Friday, November 22nd - Upper School Musical (Chicago) 7:00-9:00pm
  • Saturday, November 23rd - Upper School Musical (Chicago) 7:00-9:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 26th - Grandparents and Special Friends Day, 8:30-11:00am
  • Wednesday, November 27th - 29th - Thanksgiving Break
  • Tuesday, December 3rd - Admissions Morning, 8:30-10:00am
  • Thursday, December 5th - FREE Yoga at Roycemore, 5:00pm (All Ages and Abilities)
  • Friday, December 6th - RFA Dinner, 5:00-6:00pm
  • Friday, December 6th - Winter Program, 6:30-8:00pm
We Made History: Adobe Creative Jam
The Adobe Creative Jam was a huge success last Friday and we want to thank all the Roycemore Upper School students who were part of the event. This was the first Creative Jam ever hosted at a high school and our students knocked it out of the park. The day was packed with design tutorials, software, collaboration, and of course - a design challenge unlike anything Roycemore has seen before. A special thank you goes out to Adobe and Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism who were an instrumental part of the day.
Sooliat, LeiLei, Jim, and Hanna

"Sell By"
Cindy, Peter, Ela, and Tomas

Testing ParentAlert
Thank you to all parents that checked their contact information in Family Portal (formerly ParentsWeb). A test notification will be sent out this Friday (November 22) both via email and text message. If you do not receive the test notifications on Friday, please contact the school so that we can work with you to ensure your contact information is in our system.

Family Portal Test Communication
Friday, November 22nd
Format: Email and Text
Admissions Morning
We will be holding our first Admissions Morning of the school year on December 3rd. Please invite friends and neighbors who might be interested in finding out more about what makes Roycemore different and unique. This event will also feature a panel for High School students starting at 9:00am. Please help us spread the word!

Admissions Morning
December 3rd
**Featuring a panel for High School students at 9:00am.**
This Weekend
Chicago: High School Edition
Come support our Upper School students as they perform the hit musical,  Chicago ! Taking place in the roaring twenties, Chicago is a story about fame, fortune, and acquittal. The show runs approximately two hours, includes an intermission, and is free for everyone! 

Upper School Musical
November 22 nd  & 23 rd
7:00 pm
Roycemore’s MPR

Please note that some themes may be a bit mature for younger students.
Don't Forget:
Grandparents and Special Friends Day
We are excited to welcome all Grandparents and Special Friends to campus Nov. 26th. Please be sure to RSVP so that we can plan a great visit for all our guests.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Nov. 26th
Three Cheers
Last week, the sixth-grade drama class took the show on the road and went to Curt's Café on Central Street in Evanston. Led by Ms. Wilson, the middle school drama teacher, the students presented their Moth inspired stories to a public audience. Raf, Aliza, Marko, and Jacob also recited their biographical poems written in French from their French-Drama Workshop, co-taught by Mme. Michaelson and Ms. Wilson. When offered the opportunity to share their personal stories outside of school in a public setting, they enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

We are very proud of all the effort these students put into their pieces and the courage it took to step outside of their comfort zones. Bon Travail Griffins!
Upcoming FAN Event
Roycemore School is proud to be a co-sponsor for this Family Action Network (FAN) event.

Disturbing indicators tell us that today’s teens are 40% less empathetic than they were thirty years ago. Self-absorption can hurt academic performance and resilience, and it can lead to sadness and bullying behaviors. Empathy is a trait that can be taught and nurtured to yield the results we all want. Join us at a presentation by Michele Borba, Ed.D. and award-winning author to learn how to shift the focus of children from "I, me, and mine" to "we, us, and ours". This event is free and open to the public.

Raising UnSelfies: How to Raise Compassionate, Courageous Kids
Michele Borba, Ed.D.
December 2nd
Central School, Glencoe
Community Notes
Roycemore is proud to be a member of the Chicago Gifted Community Center (CGCC). CGCC is a member-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by parents to support the intellectual and emotional growth of gifted children and their families. It empowers families to organize events in their local areas to create connections to support their individual needs and to strengthen the gifted community. 

CGCC will be hosting a Kids Climate Summit this spring. Student teams from around the area can attend to share ideas, hear presentations, and be part of the climate activist movement.

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