A grommet is a structure that acts as an insulator for any material that passes through a panel to protect that panel from damage. Also known as an eyelet, the piece covers metal edges so another material can pass through a metal panel or sheet. Rubber grommets in particular are resistant to heat, weather, ultraviolet light, and various chemicals. In addition, rubber grommets are easy to install and require no additional plug; they seal upon installation.   
Above all, Qualiform prioritizes fast turnaround; they specialize in short runs to put this in action. A 3 shift 24 hour production system maximizes efficiency and constant raw material cost monitoring keeps prices low. Qualiform’s manufacturing procedures make for the most cost-effective results of any rubber grommet manufacturer. Whether your application requires natural or synthetic rubber or a specific size, shape, or other detail, Qualiform can help you reach your goal. For example, their dedicated staff can connect with rubber suppliers to match any color requirement. The experts at Qualiform can assist customers every step of the way from choosing a polymer, to designing a part, to maintaining the product.