Ruin to Restoration
I love a great story.  I love watching movies that tell good stories.  I love listening to good story tellers.  And, I love reading good stories.  I am currently reading Undaunted Courage.  It is the story of Lewis and Clark's journey west through the new world of early America. It is a great story!

I think my love of stories is why I love the Old Testament so much and why I love writing and delivering messages based on the Old Testament. This weekend we begin a series on the story of Joseph. It is one of the greatest stories of the Old Testament.  It is filled with twists and turns, suffering and triumph, conflict and community, the kind of stuff that makes this life so challenging and at the same time rewarding.  I have no doubt that you will find some of your story in Joseph's story.  If you follow Jesus Christ you have a unique and powerful connection to Joseph's story.  He is your spiritual ancestor.  His story is your story.

As I read the story of Lewis and Clark I feel a kinship with their story because I live in the United States. Their adventure helped shape the country I live in.  I have visited many of the places they have been and I have even lived near some of the places they explored.  But the story of Joseph runs deep in my soul.  It is more than a general feeling of kinship it is a bond of brotherhood. Joseph experienced the fulfillment of God's promises in a way that still resonates in my life today. I cling to the same promises that Joseph did as he rotted in prison. I have the same calling to faithfulness and patience that Joseph did. We hear the same call to serve God's purposes in this life.

The title of our series is called Ruin to Restoration . In our first installment: Beloved Son, Hated Brother we will see the beginning of Joseph's descent into ruin. Joseph's ruin is, ironically, ignited by his father's love. As we enter the story this weekend, we may find that God is still shaping events in a way that results in good for us and glory for Him.  See you Sunday - Pastor Kris
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PASTOR TOM DYKSTRA, former pastor here, is retiring as of November 11! The CRC church in Visalia, CA has asked for letters of memories to be sent for the celebration. They must be turned in to our church office by November 8. Pastor Tom and Julie's address is: 3839 W. Victor, Visalia CA 93277.
Prayer Concerns

Harvey and Gail Schans' son, Josh, has begun chemo and radiation treatments for brain cancer. Pray for God's mighty healing and grace! Keep Josh and Jenny in your prayers as their baby is due in March.
The Bolt family is very grateful for the many prayers, cards, and expressions of love they have received over the past weeks. The body of Christ has been a great source of encouragement and comfort during this difficult time. Your continued prayers for us are much appreciated.

Marilyn Lythgoe's
14 year old great niece, Marissa Gootjes, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She lives in Nova Scotia.

Jo Schans has changed rooms but remains at Courtyard Gardens of Jupiter, 1790 Indian Creek Dr. West, Jupiter, FL 33458. Room A-109.

Ted VanKalker remains at Signature Care in Lake Worth. Pray for both Ted and Betty.
Gwen Van Ess, Jessie Nienhouse, and Delle Slater.
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