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Today I am feeling inspired by a Huffington Post blog written by Kate Bartolotta entitled "How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps. While the title is enticing, to say the least, the article is really about how to combat the things people do every day to sabotage their own success and happiness.  It resonated with me because it is along the lines of what I teach my clients.  You can find the actual article on my facebook blog (click here).  Below is the advice Kate outlines in her article with my two cents next to each. Read to the end for some additional words of wisdom from your coach:  
1. "Don't Believe Your Bullshit":  Not so much your grandiose thoughts, but the limiting thoughts that keep you from moving forward.  The truth is your reality will rarely surpass what you tell yourself is true.  If you want to find a new job, for example, telling yourself you won't be hired because you are too old or won't earn enough will only demotivate you.
2. "Be Happy Now": Avoid saying, "I'll be happy when..."  Why postpone happiness?  I ask my clients to create a list of what makes them happy, no matter how small, so they can recognize nuggets of happiness as they happen in their every day lives.  
3. "Look at the Stars":  You will be surprised at how calming this can be.  Observing the massiveness and beauty of our universe is a quick and very real way to help us see our problems in perspective.  
4. "Let People In"; You are truly never alone in your thoughts or struggles. 
5. "Stop with the Crazy Making":  It gets you nowhere to analyze what someone meant by something they have said or done. 99% of the time your boss's or friend's behavior was based on satisfying some need of his own without any thought whatsoever about about how it would land on you. If you want to know why someone did or said something, ask him/her.  Otherwise, let it go!! 
6. "Learn to Apologize": It feels great.  And, no "BUTS" allowed. 
7. "Practice Gratitude": If on the way to work you are thinking, "I would do anything to be able to just call in sick today," STOP.  Think again and imagine your life if you lost that job.  Then allow yourself to experience feeling grateful.  Even if you are planning on  leaving that job, there is a reason why you are going there today. 
8. "Be Kind":  Besides making the world a better place, taking the time to help or acknowledge others will go a long way toward developing successful relationships.  It feels good while doing it too. 
And, a few additional words of wisdom from Coach Richmand ...
9. "Do it Now": While in the moment it may quell anxiety to put something off, the reality is that It feels better to get tasks done.  In fact, crossing tasks off your list increases self-esteem and motivation. If you are feeling badly about yourself, the consequences of putting tasks off are likely greater than you are acknowledging.   
10. "Doing Beats Thinking":  Our passions are discovered from trying something, loving it, and wanting to do it more.  So stop thinking about trying something, and do it instead!!

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