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August 25, 2015





I hit my second shot on a par 4 to about 6 inches. On the putting green I tapped it in for birdie. My friend was about 10 feet from the hole and claimed I should get a 2 stroke penalty for putting out of turn. Is he right and is there a difference between stroke and match play?




Rule 10 "Order of Play" provides our answers. In Match Play "If a player plays when his opponent should have played, there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to cancel the stroke and, in correct order, play the ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5).


In Stroke Play " If a competitor plays out of turn, there is no penalty and the ball is played as it lies. If, however, the Committee determines that the competitors have agreed to play out of turn to give one of them an advantage, they are disqualified". 



Happy golfing and remember the Rules Matter.


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