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Week of September 4 to 8, 2017 

Rule for Standing behind the Line of Putt Rule 14-2
In an individual or team competition players may try and use their partner or caddie to watch the playing of a stroke on the putting green from beyond the line of play or behind the player making the stroke for the means of gathering information about break and elevation. Rule 14-2b states that:

"A player must not make a stroke with his caddie, his partner, or his partner's caddie positioned on or close to an extension of the line of play ore the line of putt behind the ball."

A player may receive assistance from his/her caddie or partner prior to the stroke being made but when the stroke is being made the caddie or partner must move away from the line of putt.

Penalty for a breach of Rule 14-1
Match play -- Loss of hole
Stroke play -- Two strokes
Happy golfing and remember the Rules of Golf Matter
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Authored by Brian Lee, Executive Director of Golf SK

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