My teammate is very excited because he's #2 on the MVP list in our division going into the last week of the session. What does this mean?


The top 3 players in each division from each skill level tier (3 tiers total, so 9 players per division), who played a minimum of 6 matches in the regular session (Playoffs excluded), are considered   “MVP-Tournament-Qualified.” This means that those players receive an invitation to compete in the prestigious MVP Tournament. This tournament is held each session—usually within 1-2 months following the completion of the session. At this local tournament, qualified participants compete for cash, braggin' rights, and a great trophy.

You can see where you're at currently in regards to MVP by logging into your APA account.



How are the MVP points calculated? I think I won just as many games as my teammate, but he's #2 on the MVP list, and I'm only #7 on that same list.


MVP points are calculated as follows:

Number of Points Earned divided by Number of Points Available

8-Ball ExampleIn an individual 8-Ball match, a player has 3 points available to win. If he/she played 10 matches, that person had 30 points available to win. If he/she won a total of 13 points, then his/her PA is 43%.

10 matches = 30 points available

13 points:  13/30 = 0.43 = 43%

9-Ball Example: In an individual 9-Ball match, a player has 20 points available to win. If he/she played 10 matches, that person had 200 points available to win. If he/she won a total of 162 points, then his/her PA is 81%.

10 matches = 200 points available

162 points:  162/200 = 0.81 = 81%




What if two people tie on the MVP list? How is the tie broken?


Ties are first broken by looking at which player played the most matches. The player who played more matches wins the tie-breaker. If both tied players also played the same number of matches, then we look at win percentage. If win percentage is the same also, we look at performance points. In the very rare situation where ALL of those things are exact ties, we'd use lifetime win percentage. In most cases, the tie is broken at that first level - number of matches played. We often hear players who hit their 6th match with a high MVP placement tell us that they are going to stop playing in an effort to keep their high position on that list. That's very risky considering ties are somewhat common.


Once the last week of the regular session is over, how does a person know with certainty that he/she qualified for MVP?


Watch your email! A list of qualified players is announced there at the end of the session. In addition, all players who qualify for the MVP Tournament will receive a patch, a certificate, and a letter of  invitation for the MVP Tournament.  For this reason, every player should definitely make sure that his/her mailing address is up-to-date with the League Office to ensure he/she doesn't miss out on this important information.  

Questions? Contact the League Office at 775-443-8844. 


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