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Week of May 1-5, 2017 

In the cute photograph below, a young player receives assistance from his best friend. 
Is this permissible under the Rules of Golf?

DECISION 14-2/2 

Player Holds Umbrella Over Own Head When Playing Stroke
QUESTION - A player playing in the rain holds an umbrella over his head with one hand while holing a very short putt, gripping the putter with the other hand. Is this permissible?

ANSWER - Yes. Rule 14-2a prohibits a player, while making a stroke, from accepting protection from the elements from someone other than himself. However, it does not prohibit him from protecting himself.
Caddie Shields Player from Sun During Stroke
QUESTION - May a player's caddie purposely stand between the player and the setting sun so that the sun's glare is not in the player's face while he is playing a stroke?
ANSWER -  No. Such procedure is a breach of Rule 14-2a.
Penalty for Breach of Rule   14-1  or   14-2

Match play Loss of hole; Stroke play Two strokes.

Happy golfing and remember the Rules of Golf Matter
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Authored by Brian Lee, Executive Director of Golf SK

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