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September 16th, 2016

I am off the putting green on the fringe by 3 feet.  There are several ball marks on the putting surface between my ball and the hole including one that is directly in front of my ball.  What are my options?  Can I repair a ball marks on the putting green?  What about the one in front of my ball not on the putting surface?  
As the player's ball lies off the green, he is able to repair all the ball marks on the putting green (surface) but is not entitled to fix the ball mark in front of his ball that lies on the fringe.  The player will not be penalized for repairing the marks on his intended line of play, but will be penalized 2 strokes (in stroke play) if he repairs the mark in front of his ball off the green for a breach of Rule 13-2.

The Decision which covers this situation is:

Decision 13-2/6: Replacing Divot in Divot Hole on Line of Play

QUESTION: A player's ball comes to rest close to the putting green and he wishes to use his putter for his next stroke. However, there is a divot hole just in front of his ball on his line of play. May the player replace the divot before playing his next stroke?

ANSWER: No. Rule 13-2 prohibits a player from improving his line of play by eliminating an irregularity of surface.

In the examples above, once the player has played his shot, he may then fix the ball mark and/or replace the divot.

Ask of everyone reading the Rule of the Week.  On your next few rounds, please repair your mark and 3 others on each green to lend our Superintendent friends a hand.  Let's work together to keep the putting surfaces smooth.
Happy golfing and remember the Rules of Golf Matter
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Authored by Brian Lee, Executive Director of Golf SK

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