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Rules Meetings, Guide Updates, and More...

We ask all participants to attend one of the following rules meetings. The meetings will be held via Google Meet. Each meeting can have up to 250 participants. These provide you the opportunity to ask questions and speak directly to one of the race directors:

Please visit our site for the following updated documents:

Notable updates include:
  • Crew is permitted in both 50M races - guides have been updated.
  • Pacers cannot register/pickup bibs at aid stations. No race day packet pickup.
  • You do not need to bring a printed copy of the Symptom Assessment & Waiver with you. We will be checking to assure you have completed it. We are noticing that participants are completing it...and that's great. Remember, you must complete it no earlier than one (1) day prior to picking up your bib. We will NOT hand out bibs to people if the process has not been completed per the instructions and/or the questions have been answered in a manner that indicate the participant should not be participating.

Answers to the most common emails we have been receiving:

Q: Can I pickup my bib on race day?
A: No.

Q: As a relay participant, can I watch my other team members at the finish line, etc?
A: No.

Q: As a participant, do I need to wear a mask at an aid station?
A: Yes, if you are within six feet of another person. When you are not actively exercising, a mask is required in the state of Ohio when you cannot maintain six feet of social distance.

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