An Urgent Message from Scott Wheeler
author, producer, former investigative journalist
and GOP Trust Executive Director 
With your help, we created the most potent political ad ever created. We did this for two reasons: 
1) We must get President Trump reelected and throw out Pelosi as speaker
2) We must bring the ruling class insiders to justice for trying to frame President Trump 
The Washington political elite are anxious to teach us all a lesson for choosing President Trump to be president of the United States. 
The way these elitists think is "how dare you tell us how to run your government by electing an outsider" and they are gunning for President Trump and all of us who helped put him in office. 
This week Democrat Jerrold Nadler had his first impeachment witness in the Judiciary Committee, former Trump advisor Hope Hicks. There will be more. 
Democrats and the ruling class elite are determined to impeach or defeat President Trump. That is why our work is so important. 
Right now we have a great video message that explains to uninformed Americans how Obama and Clinton "colluded" with Russia
This is to expose and undo the lies the media and Democrats are telling about President Trump. 
Deploying this ad everywhere immediately is critical to President Trump's reelection. 
This is the only video that actually tells the truth. Are you going to let these ruling class elitists trick uninformed voters into thinking that President Trump may have "colluded" with Russia? 
I hope not. It would make all the work we have done go for nothing. We must secure air time for this video now or we will be losing ground. 
Thank you to those Patriots who have contributed to these efforts. To the Patriots who haven't yet, we hope you will consider doing so now while we have this triple match advantage. 

With your help we have changed Washington. Everyone is now using our investigations to expose the Democrats -- but it would not have been possible if we had not done the work. With your help we did it--and now we have to do it again. 

Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff all think that people like us who can stop them will not be able to raise enough money to do it. You can prove them all wrong. 

Now they are trying impeachment -- the only way we can stop the Democrats and their ruling class allies is to go straight at them with all of our investigative strength. We desperately need you for that. And one Patriot has pledged to triple all that we can raise todayPlease help now.

Yours in Liberty,

Scott L. Wheeler
Executive Director

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