Rulmeca Corporation April 2018 Newsletter
Rulmeca posted a new video on YouTube describing Motorized Pulley technology, which explains why conveyor operators and designers can lower the total cost of conveyor drive ownership by using the company's internally-powered and hermetically-sealed system.  For more information on the video, click here.
Construction on Rulmeca Corporation's new facility is progressing well.  Jay Graham points out the floor power supply for A/V equipment in our new conference room. Joining Jay during the April 20 “inspection” are (L to R) Charlton Jernigan, Tim Tappenbeck (from Rulmeca Germany), Mike Gawinski, and Brian (Lone Ranger) Vrablic.
Rulmeca Corporation supplied an extra small model 80LS (3.15" diameter) drum motor to drive a SuperDrive TM positive drive belt in April.  Featuring a squirrel cage AC induction motor, standard IP69 sealing system, and stainless steel exterior, this is an ideal drive for harsh food processing applications where space is severely restricted.
Our Products
Food/Unit Processing
We offer a complete range of drum motors for various food processing and unit handling applications. Our state-of-the-art drum motors are used in applications such as package sorting, security scanning equipment, bakeries, meat, fruit, and vegetables processing.
Bulk Handling
We offer a complete range of Motorized Pulleys designed for various bulk handling applications. Our state-of-the-art Motorized Pulleys are used in applications such as mining, cement, quarries, recycling, and aggregate production
Learn why designers and operators have chosen Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys for more than 60 years.
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