When someone talks about being grounded or grounding, they're often talking about a feeling
of calm that extends deeper than just a moment's repose.

- Physically grounded - refers to our positive connection to nature or the earth, as well as to our connection to our physical bodies.

- Emotionally grounded - refers to having peaceful awareness of our emotional state, and allowing our thoughts and emotions balanced and natural expression.

- Spiritually grounded - refers to our unimpeded connection to the Divine, and acceptance of our unique spiritual journey.

Scientifically, the term grounding or grounded revolves around research proving that a connection with Nature--literally, the ground or the earth--is a terrific benefit for positive attitude, emotional stability, and happiness. For example... -The Greater Good Science Center reports findings from over 100 studies that show being in nature, or even viewing nature in paintings and videos, can have positive impacts on our brains, bodies, thought processes, and social interactions. In particular, viewing nature seems to be inherently rewarding, producing a cascade of position emotions and calming our nervous systems. These in turn help us to cultivate greater openness, creativity, connection, generosity, and resilience.

- Dr. Michael Miller of the University of Maryland says, "There is scientific evidence that grounding [used here to mean walking barefoot outside] may be good for your heart, as studies on grounding have shown significant reductions in the stress hormone cortisol." Walking around barefoot can stabilize your mood and help you to forget your stress. 

-Believe it or not, there's a natural antidepressant in soil. Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has indeed been found to mirror the effect that drugs like Prozac provide on neurons. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier. Finding happiness and a sense of being grounded and at peace may be as simple as playing in the dirt*

"When you are up against a wall, put down roots like a tree, until clarity comes from deeper sources to see over that wall and grow."    C.G. Jung

Finding Help in Essential Oils 

Getting some outdoor Nature time can do wonders, and to be grounded is also a frame of mind, or state of being, that works on several levels. Essential oils are perfect aids in helping us to feel grounded physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

- Balance Blend, the Oil of Grounding, features Spruce, a terrific grounding oil that helps with
emotional release. It's soft energy "is excellent for calming overactive children who have difficulty settling down, and for adults who need to reconnect with their roots. Balance Blend strengthens a connection with the lower body and the earth."

- Patchouli, the Oil of Physicality, helps when you feel uncomfortable in your body. If you have "issues with body shame or wish to disconnect from the body, or perhaps have sought to escape it through spiritual pursuits or other forms of distraction," Patchouli can bring you down to earth. "It compliments yoga practice, tai chi, or other exercises that aim to connect the spirit with the body." (Emotions & Essential Oils, 5th Edition*) Patchouli promotes feeling grounded, present, and at peace with the body. 

-Arborvitae, the Oil of Divine Grace, is of great help in spiritual grounding, especially to those who are "unconsciously blocking Divine aid by choosing instead to live by their own efforts." It "is a grounding oil that teaches Divinity is all around . . . and can help find balance in life and teach what to hold close and what to release."

- Vetiver (one of my favorite oils!!!), the Oil of Centering & Descent, is the classic grounding oil. It "assists in becoming more rooted in life. Vetiver helps you gather your scattered energy, split between different priorities, people, and projects, and brings you back down to earth." Vetiver will help you discover deeper facets of your being as you work through emotional pain and stress.

Sometimes we're ungrounded because of confused thought patterns, stress, worry, or anxiousness, so essential oils that give support in these areas are also helpful. (See Emotions & Essential Oils for recommendations in these areas.)

And please remember, let your intuition guide your choice. It's important to choose smells you like, because smells evoke a powerful response in the brain's limbic system, where we process emotion. You want those associations to be positive! If the smell of an oil is too strong for you to enjoy it, dilute it with carrier oils such as coconut or jojoba oil.

Helping yourself

  You can get many of the benefits of nature inside, too (though don't do this to the exclusion of getting outside!). Many of the studies showing the positive effects of nature are actually done indoors, by measuring the levels of certain chemicals before and after showing subjects photos or videos of beautiful natural scenes.

Set Up Your Own Experiment:

Choose a nature video and prepare your environment. Tell your family that they can join you if they want to participate in a thoughtful, quiet meditation. Diffuse your chosen grounding oil in the room, and take direct sniffs from the bottle occasionally as you watch. Turn down any narration and focus on the images and the scent.

Or, visit your library or bookstore (bring your grounding oil in your pocket). Pull a large-format
book of Ansel Adams photographs or a National Geographic magazine that features full-color nature photography. Choose a quiet corner and spend time with these magnificent photographs, breathing consciously and calmly, inhaling your grounding oil occasionally and consciously. When you feel you've spent enough time, close your eyes and recall a favorite image, and sniff your oil again. Play pick-your-favorite-tree on the way home.

Your grounding oil and your conscious attention will deepen the experience of nature-at-arm's-length, and it's beneficial for everyone in your family. Your kids will enjoy nature time even more than you do-take a walk in the woods or a tree-filled park together. Ask them to choose their favorite tree, and when you get home suggest they do a drawing of it. Collect pine cones or leaves with them, and encourage them to sniff and smell everything they find. They'll absolutely love it! 

Sending Blessings & Much Love to you, Joanie
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