I've spent a decade traveling the country teaching high demand RRCA Run Coaching Certification courses. I've talked to over 10,000 coaches and learned that there are about a thousand different reasons people want to hire a running coach or run with a running group.

Common reasons for hiring a run coach
  • In a rut and wanting accountability and/or company
  • Brand new to the sport and want to gain confidence
  • Coming back to the sport after a break and want to re-gain confidence
  • Need some outside inspiration/ training for a destination race
  • Accomplishing a personal best time for a specific distance
  • Supporting a charity/ a family member/ a friend
  • Learning about sports psychology, nutrition, injury management and other topics
  • Simply the desire to change things up

If you're interested in joining a group or getting a coach, you may first want to clarify your own training priorities, then compare some of the basic logistics such as run locations, meeting times, pricing, pacing, training goals of other attendees, and whether or not you're interested in working with certified coaches or just looking for some training buddies (or both).

Where to go in Tucson
Whatever your motivation, the Tucson area is blessed with smart, kind, and experienced running leadership. Below, we explain more about our own training group, The Workout Group.

If what we do doesn't work for you, you may enjoy reading about a couple other coached training programs, such as SWET and Fleet Feet.

For more information on Tucson area groups, such as Team Hoyt, Achilles International, 520 Run and Ride, ComeRun, Tucson Trail Runners and more, you can check out the Southern Arizona Roadrunners group page at or contact us.

For those outside Tucson, we can help you get in touch with RRCA certified coaches in any part of the country -- track us down and we'll hook you up!

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on behalf of Tia and the Run Tucson crew

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Group Workouts and Individual Coaching
Celebrating 25 years since its founding by Randy Accetta and Greg Wenneborg in 1997, The Workout Group holds multiple weekly workouts for coach-led group training and social running.

Unique in Tucson, we’re a drop-in group with a nominal fee and sliding scale, where you can train for a week or train for a decade—either way, we’ll help you get ready for whatever’s on your list, whether it’s your first 5k or a marathon PR.

Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:00 pm at the Annex Fields at Reid Park. 
Workouts take place on the multi-use path and the nearby grass fields. (This location is 3.6 miles from the UA. From Country Club, turn into the park at Concert Way, then turn left and right on Bucky Steele Ln, in the parking lots and look for the runners by the baseball fields.)

Tuesday and Thursday Morning, 5:30 am at the Rillito Fields, at 4502 N First Ave near River Road and First. We run on the newly-created 1/3 mile dirt-path loop around the soccer fields and on The Loop River Path. This location is 4.5 miles from the UA. Plenty of free parking in the lots adjacent to First Avenue, just south of River Road.

What you get:
  • Two weekly workouts, focused on either short distance racing or training for marathon and beyond
  • Multiple locations and times to choose from
  • Training partners at a range of abilities from about 11-minute milers to 5-minute milers
  • Discounted personalized coaching sessions with Coach Tia -- either online or in-person
  • Access to RRCA certified running coaches
  • Weekly emails with training tips and advice
  • Access to super-cool fb page
  • Discounted racing uniform
  • Free 25th Anniversary Workout Group shirt
  • Weekend long runs with our friends at ComeRun

If you're into socializing, we've got you covered. We've been known to have a few picnics, social runs, social gatherings, and even some marriages! If you want to improve your leg speed, we'll help you get there. WOG has supported Olympic Trials runners, Boston qualifiers, SAR Grand Prix Champions, age-group winners, and podium finishers at every distance from the mile to the 100-miler.

Trained Leadership
The Workout Group is led by Tia Accetta, a professional educator, 2:48 marathoner, and certified RRCA Coach.

The Reid Park group is led by RRCA-certified coach Tim Bentley, former SAR President and award-winning high school track coach -- and a standout runner at NAU back in the day.

Workout Group runners are supported by a team of RRCA certified coaches including ultra-distance standout Michelle Hawk; two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier Dave Odom; Doreen Davis and Sandy Crusa providing assistance and support to runners.

Questions? Email or call Tia at 520-891-4369. 

Here's what Fleet Feet sent us to share:
Fall Training has begun and there is still time to join us for 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon training. 
Here's what you can expect:
  • Weekly run/walk workouts
  • Weekly strength and conditioning videos you can do at home
  • Weekly emails and videos from coaches
  • Social media groups to share our success!
You can train virtually with us for any of our groups. You'll receive the same training plan and weekly email with workouts and coaching info. 

Two meetings per week on Tuesday @ 6 pm and early Saturday mornings (5-7 am)

Questions? Email

Here's what SWET sent us to share:
SWET running and walking groups and training programs support people of all experience, fitness levels and distances. Our PASSION is helping new and aspiring runners and walkers learn to use those first intervals, using work/recover interval strategy, and training novice through intermediate runners to achieve that next distance goal. Our coaches are friendly and approachable and take great pride in seeing you succeed in your running and walking.

We offer Powerwalking, 5K beginner, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon training in groups that meet on the Northwest and East sides of the metro area. SWET also provides individual, in-person coaching, customized training plans, and coaching for folks looking to improve their military or government Physical Fitness Test (PFT) runs.

Marathon Group Training begins October 1st.
Winter 10k and 13.1m Groups begin mid-November.
Get on the newsletter email at
For questions, please email Autumn Ball at

Don't want to join a paid coaching group? You can join walkers and runners of all ages and abilities and free social walks and social runs, managed by our friends at BEYOND-Tucson.

See for details on the free Monday night events in Downtown Tucson. Join 300+ runners and walkers for a free jaunt around Downtown Tucson, every Monday night 5:30 pm. The schedule calls for a 3+ mile run or walk, but you can add mileage as you wish. With music, and discounts to local restaurants, drawings for goodies, and more. 

See for details on the free Wednesday night events at St. Phillip's Plaza (River and Campbell, on the Rillito River Path). The schedule calls for a 3+ mile run or walk, but you can add mileage as you wish. With music, and discounts to local restaurants, drawings for goodies, and more. 
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