Running Wild | December 2019
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: A Turkey Day Smorgasbord
I write this on a crisp day after Thanksgiving morning. Like many of you, yesterday was a great day to count my blessings.

  • I got to spend a fun morning with over 1,700 runners and walkers who came out on a chilly day for the Turkey Day 8K and 3K Family Fun Run
  • I thought about my great staff at Run Wild Missoula. Thank you Ashley, Elizabeth and Dara for your dedication and commitment to excellence
  • I was humbled by the more than $2,100 and several hundred pounds of food that were donated to the Missoula Food Bank by Turkey Day participants
  • I’m forever grateful to the amazing volunteers that show up in all kinds of weather to help us make our events happen
  • I thought about our board of directors and their commitment to the Run Wild Missoula mission of promoting and supporting running and walking for people of all ages and abilities
  • I had a great drive to Plains after the run with the view out my windshield of the bison range, the Jocko and Clark Fork Rivers, the Mission Mountains, wildlife and more
  • A wonderful dinner with my wife’s family, football on the tube and Christmas Vacation
  • So thankful for FaceTime and the ability to spend some time with my daughter, son and grandkids from over 1,000 miles away

We’re moving into the dark and gloomy days of winter. With that comes a rise in people who face symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Two ways to help with SAD are to get outside (take a walk or run during lunch) and to exercise regularly. So, keep up your running and walking routine and seek the sunlight any time you can. If you still feel like you have less energy this winter, are moody or feeling depressed – see your healthcare provider for professional guidance.

As much as we want to be outside in the sun this time of year, it can be hard to avoid the darkness for at least some of our runs and walks. When you’re out in the dark, be sure to be seen. Reflective vests, headlamps and accent lights are all simple, relatively inexpensive safety investments.

And, we know that snow will be coming sooner rather than later. Don’t forget about your traction devices as you get ready to run and walk on the white stuff. Good traction is key to minimizing the risk of falls and potential injuries.

Most of all, I wish all of our members and their families a fit, active and healthy holiday season.

Giving thanks for our running community every time I’m out on the roads, tracks and trails.
Member Spotlight: Shawn Randall
Where are you from? What brought you to Missoula?

Elmira, New York. I moved to Missoula in January 1996 due to my Father's Military relocation. I fell in love with the area and decided to stay.

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Galloway Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class
Do you want to run the Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon, but don't know where to start? One of the Galloway Training plans may be a great fit for you!

Gall oway Training uses a Run-Walk-Run method developed by Olympian, Jeff Galloway. The training group welcomes all levels. Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for every ability.

Galloway Training Classes meet on Sundays at 8AM and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM.

There will be a Galloway Open House on Wednesday, January 8th from 5:30PM- 7:30PM . Class leaders will be present to answer any questions! Click here to learn more.

Learn more about the 19 week half marathon training class here

Learn more about the 24 week marathon training class here
Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class
Join Run Wild Missoula for the annual Missoula Marathon & Half Marathon Training Class! This is a great class to take whether you're a first-timer or repeat runner looking to successfully train for and complete the  Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon .

The Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class begins on Sunday, March 1st. The training program is 17 weeks long. Classes will meet Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings at Run Wild Missoula.

Interested in learning more about this training class opportunity? Please visit the Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon Training Class Open House on Wednesday, February 19th from 6 PM- 7 PM at Run Wild Missoula. This will be a great opportunity for you to meet the coach and ask any questions you may have.

Please stay tuned as we release more information! Click here to learn about our club classes.
2019 Parade of Lights: December 7th
Ring in the holiday season with Run Wild Missoula!

Once again, we are putting together a group to proudly represent Run Wild Missoula at the 2019 Parade of Lights on Saturday, December 7th .

Meet us at Run Wild Missoula at 4:15PM to layer up & warm up with hot cocoa and holiday cookies. We will leave RWM and head to the parade start at 5:00 PM. Or, you can meet us at the parade start; please arrive by 5:30 PM.

Please RSVP here . This event is free.

Interested in learning more? Click Here
Say Hello to Our New Multi-Event Sponsors
Look for Edward Jones and Clearwater Credit Union (formerly Missoula Federal Credit Union) at various Run Wild Missoula events throughout 2020. We thank both Edward Jones and Clearwater Credit Union for their support of Run Wild Missoula.
Edward Jones: Turkey Day, Resolution Run, HeartThrob, Run for the Luck of It, Sweathouse Half Marathon, Pengelly Double & Single Dips
Clearwater Credit Union (formerly Missoula Federal Credit Union): Resolution Run, HeartThrob, Run for the Luck of It, Run for the Trees, Diva Day, Pumpkin Run, Turkey Day
Upcoming Races at Run Wild Missoula
How are your tallies coming along for the 2019 Racemakers & Run Wilder challenges? Mark your calendars for these upcoming winter events!
Get ready to register for HeartThrob 5k . Registration opens on Thursday, December 12th at 8 AM . Beat the winter doldrums and get your heart beating with a fun, mid-winter 5K!

Show your support for National Heart Month and be eligible to win a prize! Wear anything red - a small accessory or a full head to toe red outfit - and you could win a prize for best red outfit.

This event is low cost and family friendly!

Learn more about HeartThrob 5k HERE
Keep your winter running on track by signing up for the Snow Joke Half Marathon ! An inexpensive, low-key run, typically contested on frozen road surfaces, the Snow Joke offers a good time as well as a worthy goal for maintaining your fitness during the winter. It is the longest running continuously-held winter sporting event in Seeley Lake, and has evolved into one of Montana’s major half-marathons. Registration for this quirky event is only $40! Race Day is Leap Day, Saturday, February 29th, 2020.

Want to learn more? Click Here

BOP Social: December Holiday Lights
Wednesday, December 11th

6:00PM:  Meet at Iron Griz (University of Montana golf course) on South Avenue East.
Run or walk out around adjoining neighborhoods (a map built around viewing holiday lights will be provided)

7:00PM:  Reconvene at Iron Griz for social connection after your run or walk. We will order off the menu .

Last Wednesday Beer Run • December 18th
Please note that this event is one week early due to Christmas

A 3 and 5 mile course will be offered. Our beer runs are open to everyone - Run Wild Missoula membership is not required. As outlined in our " Rules of the Run ," for safety reasons, we ask that dogs are not present during the Beer Run.
"5 Miles to Beer Thirty" - The monthly beer run is a casual fun run/walk open to all runners and all abilities. Each month a 3 and 5 mile route is offered at a different brewery location on the last Wednesday of the month, and at the end is a social gathering with libations and food. What could be a better way to end the month?
RWM Club Miles
It's hard to believe we're through 11 months of the year! Here are the updated running statistics for our club through November 30th, 2019:

  • So far, we have run 135,357.76 miles in 2019
  • As a club, we are averaging 401.65 miles per day
  • 161 of our members have recorded some or all of their miles in our database

Are you feeling inspired to be part of the 1200/2000 Mile Club in 2019?? It's not too late!  Simply log your miles throughout the year - this can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. At the end of the year, we will award the Mile Club members with a gift!

Find out more information about the 1200/2000 Mile Club by  clicking here .
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