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Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: What Goes Around...
Congratulations 2017 Racemakers
126,754.62 Miles
Run for the Luck of It!
Missoula Marathon Training Class
Galloway Marathon Training Classes
Run-Walk-Run Midweek
February BOP Social
Member Spotlight: Jamie Swartz
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: What Goes Around...
As you know, Run Wild Missoula conducts trail races on Mount Sentinel (Pengelly Double & Single Dips) and Mount Jumbo (Elk Ramble). These events traverse City of Missoula Open Space/Conservation Lands, and are conducted under special use permits issued by Missoula Parks & Recreation.

When the Conservation Lands Special Use Program was developed, it was understood that fees associated with the use permits would go back into projects directly affecting and/or benefiting the open space/conservation lands.

Since the program was kicked off in 2014, the Elk Ramble has taken place 4 (four) times; and, there have been 3 (three) Pengelly races. Cumulatively, our permit payments to Parks & Recreation have been a little over $18,000. A significant amount to be sure. But, when we dig a little deeper, we see that the City is putting those fees to good use.

You may recall the deadly and devastating avalanche on Mount Jumbo in March of 2014. And, there have been several incidents of people disturbing elk on their Mount Jumbo winter range – in spite of the fact that the mountain is closed during the winter and early spring months. In response, Parks & Recreation installed a number of signs, using permit fee revenues, to better educate and advise people of the mountain closures. These signs can be seen on key streets entering the Rattlesnake & Mount Jumbo areas, as well as at primary trailheads.

Over the last year, the permit fee revenue was the primary funding source to pay for almost one mile of new trail construction on the South Hills Spur property. This new recreation area is expected to open this spring; and, without the permit fees, the opening would have been delayed into late 2018 or early 2019. This will provide a whole new area of exploration and trail running for our members – especially those in the south part of town.

The Conservation Lands Special Use Program is a great example of a successful public-private partnership. Through our Run Wild Missoula trail events, we’re able to generate fees (i.e. revenue) that directly benefit the public and our community resources – be it in the form of education, protection of our resident elk herd, expansion of our recreation opportunities or improvements to our trail network. In the end, it’s very gratifying to see the “fruit” of our events come back around to enrich the Missoula community.

See you on the roads, tracks, and trails.

Congratulation 2017 Racemakers
Racemaker [noun]: A Run Wild Missoula member who participates in 7 or more Run Wild Missoula races throughout the calendar year.

Racemakers - they make our races happen! We are thrilled to reward our racemakers who go the extra mile (truly!) with a goodie! This year, they will receive a picnic/travel blanket.

Are you ready to become a Racemaker in 2018? Simply join us for at least 7 of our races! The Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K count, too. For a full list of our races for a goodie and to see the list of 2017 Racemakers, login to your Run Wild Missoula account and head over to the Racemaker page ( click here).

Special thanks to our Results Manager, Stacy Jakob, for maintaining our Racemaker list in 2017!
126,754.62 Miles
What does it take to make it into the 1200 or 2000 Mile Club each year? Strictly by the numbers, an average of 23 miles per week will put you in the 1200 mile club; 38.5 miles per week gets you into the 2000 mile club.

We had 141 Run Wild Missoula members record all or some of their 2017 mileage in our database:

  • 78 members ran more than 1200 miles in 2017

  • 17 members ran more than 2000 miles in 2017

  • The 2000 Mile Club ran 38,825.52 miles - that's an average of 2,283.84 miles per person

  • The 1200 Mile Club ran 87,929.10 miles - that's an average of 1,441.46 miles per person

  • 126,754.62 total miles by members in the 1200/2000 Mile Club

  • 145,932.36 total miles by members who recorded any milage

We will be sending an email to all 1200/2000 Mile Club members with more information about the gifts they will be receiving this year - keep an eye on your inbox!

Feeling inspired to be part of the 1200/2000 Mile Club in 2018?? It's not too late! Simply log your miles throughout the year - this can be done daily or weekly.

Find out more information about the 1200/2000 Mile Club by clicking here.
Run for the Luck of It!
What better way to kick off St. Patty's Day than with a few hundred of your best running friends!?! Join us on Saturday, March 17th and Run for the Luck of It!

We have a NEW location this year! We will be running from Bonner Park - that means new courses, too! The 5K will run through the University District. The 7 Mile will take advantage of the beautiful trails we have along the Clark Fork River. Don't forget to bring along your little leprechauns - we have a FREE 400-meter kid's dash, too!

Be sure to dress in your best St. Patty's Day get-up. We will have prizes for the best costume on race day! We will also have awards for the top three overall winners of the 5K and 7 Mile, as well as the top three age group winners.

What's a Run Wild Missoula race without some great swag and post-race shenanigans!? This year, each participant in the 7 Mile and 5K will receive a custom designed Silipint. Celtic Dragon Pipe Band will be back providing authentic Irish entertainment. After you run, we will have Lisa's Pasties, Bayern's Killarney Irish Red, non-alcoholic beverages, and other snacks, too.

Questions or want to volunteer? Email Race Director, Darren Zellman

For more information and to register, Click Here !
Missoula Marathon Training Class
Making the move up from the half to the full marathon, and not sure how best to prepare for the added distance? Looking for some camaraderie and support during your long runs? Maybe you just need a group with whom you can share your suffering? We have just the thing for you!

Sign up now for Run Wild Missoula's Marathon & Half Marathon Training Class. This 17-week program is great if you're a first-timer or a repeat runner looking to successful train for and complete the Missoula Marathon or Half Marathon, on Sunday, July 15th. Run Wild Missoula has offered this class since the Missoula Marathon began, to great attendance and success.

Class begins Sunday, March 18th!

For more information about the Missoula Marathon Training Class and to register, Click Here!

Looking for other Missoula Marathon Training Classes? Click on the class name below to learn more and to register:
Galloway Marathon Training Classes
Are you new to running? Are you returning to running after some time off? Have you been injury-prone? Is a half or full marathon on your bucket list?

Run Wild Missoula offers Jeff Galloway's trademarked run-walk-run training programs. They are designed for you; check them out.

For more information, follow this link to the classes page, or email Kristi and Pam,  missoulagalloway@gmail.com .

The marathon class started on Sunday, January 28, but there is still time to sign up!
The half marathon class starts on Sunday, March 4th.
Run-Walk-Run Midweek
In addition to the formal Galloway and Get in Shape training classes, a group of run-walk-runners gathers twice during the week for a 45-minute buddy run. We Meet Tuesdays at 6:00 PM behind the Runner's Edge and Thursdays at 6:00 PM in the Currents parking lot at McCormick Park. Galloway and Get in Shape class alumni, and anyone else who would like to try the run-walk-run method is welcome to join us free of charge. We sort ourselves into pace groups with ratios between 10 seconds run-30 seconds walk and 20 seconds run-20 seconds walk.
For more information, email Pam, backofpack@runwildmissoula.org
February BOP Social: February 17th
BOP 3 color
Join us on Saturday, February 17th at Bayern Brewing Company!

3:00 - Meet outside Bayern Brewing Company (1507 Montana Street)
Run or walk on the Milwaukee Trail

4:00 - Gather upstairs in Bayern, Edelweiss Bistro
Order authentic German food and drink from the menu; and, bond with your fellow Boppers!

Thanks to Julie & Nathan Howard for hosting this month's social!

Member Spotlight: Jamie Swartz
You are the race director for the Pengelly Double and Single Dip. How long have you been the RD and how did you get started?

This will be my third year directing the Pengelly Races. I have had some pretty big shoes to fill, as the previous director, Kevin Twidwell, did such an amazing job making this race one of Missoula’s favorites. As for how I got started, I can’t remember exactly. I think Kevin may have asked me if I was interested in taking the reins on a run one day...

**Registration for the Pengelly Double & Single Dips opens Thursday, March 1st at 8:00 AM MST!**
Member Spotlight: Nomination Form
Do you know someone from our Run Wild Missoula community that we should get to know better? With 1,500-plus members, we have a wealth of talent, passion, expertise, inspiration, and enthusiasm for running and walking among us.

Maybe it is someone who has been inspirational to you, achieved an insurmountable goal, demonstrated a courage to start (or re-start!), or clearly exemplifies the club's core values. Perhaps there is another reason?

If so, we'd like to hear from you! Simply complete the form on the Run Wild Missoula website.

Around Town
Runner's Edge Treadmill Challenge, February 7th, Missoula, MT

Montana Snow Joke, February 24th, Seeley Lake, MT

Ultimate Viking Challenge, March 24th, Charlo, MT
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