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Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: What's It Gonna Be?
Changes & Growth
How Many Miles Did You Run In 2017?
Heart Throb 5K
Galloway Training Classes
January BOP Social
Member Spotlight: Dakota Umbel
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: What's It Gonna Be?
It’s that time of year – Resolutions, New Goals & Fresh Starts. It’s easy to get all excited as we move into the New Year. What’s not so easy – keeping up those resolutions and promises as we move towards spring and beyond. But, don’t let the challenge keep you from making goals, resolutions and objectives for 2018.

It’s healthy for us to strive to achieve something new. Something more. Something bigger/better/badder. Setting goals allows us to strive to improve ourselves. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and more. As we hang a new calendar on the fridge, it’s such a perfect time to reflect. On where we are, where we’ve been and where we want to go.

Since we’re a club of runners and walkers, I’m going to limit the rest of my comments directly
towards physical goals (although you may see concurrent benefit in other portions of your life as
well). And, let’s start with the simple question of “What’s It Gonna Be?”

First marathon? First ultra? First trail race? Attend Tuesday Track every week? Works towards a 10K PR? Start cross training? Run to The Beacon for the first time? Become part of the 1,200 Mile Club? The possibilities are endless. However, let me suggest a couple of strategies for selecting a good option for your 2018 resolution.

1) Select a goal that has meaning to you.
2) Select a goal that is achievable; but, will require you to stretch outside of your normal comfort
3) Decide on just one goal. More than that, especially when combined with other aspects of your
life, and things can become overwhelming. A singular physical goal will allow you to focus your
effort and maximize your chances of success.
4) Be as specific as possible in setting your goal. You want to have a measurable, tangible objective.
5) Share the goal with at least one person who is close to you – someone that can help hold you
accountable as you work to achieve your goal.

Whatever it may be, I encourage all of you to make those resolutions. Remember - It’s A New Year.
It Can Be A Fresh Start. The Possibilities Are Endless. Just remember to ask yourself – What’s It
Gonna Be?

While you’re working on setting and meeting those goals, remember to look for me out on the
roads, tracks and trails.

Changes & Growth
With the beginning of 2018, there are some changes in the leadership at Run Wild Missoula. After 6 years serving on the RWM Board Of Directors, club bylaws require that Carol Lipp and Jen von Sehlen step away from the board. Carol and Jen were two of our longest service board members (their terms started mid-year; and, they actually both served about 6.5 years). They were instrumental in guiding the club through some important transitional periods – including growth of the Missoula Marathon and changes to the Executive Director position. Their hard work and thoughtful leadership will be missed.

At the January board meeting, we will see the addition of 4 new members to the board. They are: 
  • Elizabeth Erickson, Land Use Attorney
  • Pam Gardiner, Life Coach
  • Jimmy Grant, Research Historian
  • Jeremy Partain, Chief Financial Officer

They will join current board members:
  • Suzanne Elfstrom, President
  • Bob Homer, Vice-President
  • Catherine Redfern, Secretary
  • Bryan Flaig, Treasurer
  • Steve Brown
  • Tom Halverson

This board will give the club a diverse and strong set of perspectives with respect to the sport and to the community.  You can learn more about our board members (and our staff) by clicking here.
How Many Miles Did You Run in 2017?
Miles are due Saturday, January 20, 2018!
The 1200/2000 Mile Club members from the last couple years can tell you that it is totally worth it to get those miles turned in! Miles are due by the end of the day on Saturday, January 20th. We are hoping to get the Mileage Club gifts ordered and delivered by the middle of February.

CLICK HERE to log your miles - be sure to login in the upper righthand corner!

If you have questions, or need helping accessing the page, email Ashley, at ashleyc@runwildmissoula.org
Heart Throb 5K: February 10th
Love your heart? Love your sweetie? Love to run in red outfits? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you need to be at the Heart Throb 5K on February 10th!

Beat the winter doldrums and get your heart beating with a fun, mid-winter 5K - just $15 for Run Wild Missoula members! ($17 for non-members)

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S.? In fact, one in every 4 deaths is the result of heart disease. Regular exercise is a great way to develop a healthy heart. So, do your heart some good and come out for this fun 5K event!

Show your support for National Heart Month and be eligible to win a prize. Wear anything red - a small accessory or a full head to toe red outfit - and you could win a prize for best red outfit! Don't forget, nothing says "I love you" like doing a 5K with your sweetie as a lead up to Valentine's Day. Remember, couples that run together, stay together!

This will be a great day to love yourself, love your partner, and love your heart!

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE!
Galloway Training Classes
January is Galloway Time at Run Wild Missoula!  

Jeff Galloway's approach to distance training is designed to reduce injury by increasing miles gently and alternating run-walk segments. Supportive pace groups build confidence and foster morale.  

Galloway classes are a great choice for beginners, injury-prone runners, runners with busy schedules and limited time to train, and and those who are coming back after time off from running. Many of us have started this program as an experiment and gotten hooked on it long term. RWM has a large and impassioned community of run-walk-runners among its members.

Both classes are now open for registration via www.runwildmissoula.org

24-Week Marathon Class*: Begins Sunday, January 28th at 8:00 a.m.

19-Week Half Marathon Class: Begins Sunday, March 4th at 8:00 a.m.

In addition, this year a RWM Get in Shape run-walk-run ®  class (8 weeks) will begin in May to prepare for the 5K distance. Details and registration will be available later in the spring. 

All three classes will train participants for goal races on July 14-15, Missoula Marathon weekend.  

For more information, contact Kristi Kusche (406-239-1812) or Pam Gardiner (406-274-0188) or email  Missoulagalloway@gmail.com

*24-week class is also open to half-marathoners who want an early start on training.

Note: Run Wild Missoula also offers separate running and walking classes that will prepare you for the Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon. More information coming soon.
January BOP Social: January 20th
BOP 3 color
Annual Chili Feed!

3:00 pm  Meet at Frenchtown Pond State Park for 2-4 mile run or walk on frontage road bike trail
  • Icy headwinds both ways guaranteed
  • Take exit 89 off I-90 and follow state park signs.
4:00 pm  thaw out and socialize over chili at the home of Carol and Kevin Drake
  • Chili provided; BYO beverage and a side dish to share
  • Take Exit 96, Hwy 93 north from "the Wye."  
  • Turn right onto Ladyslipper (at Jim & Mary's RV park)
  • Left on Paintbrush
  • Right on Honeysuckle
  • Left on Marigold to 8940 Marigold Ct (on left)
  • If you get lost en route, call the Drakes at 406-880-2825

THANK YOU to Carol and Kevin.  This is either t he 6th or 7th annual January BOP chili feed at their home. Awesome!

Member Spotlight: Dakota Umbel
Where are you from? What brought you to Missoula or kept you here? 

I am from The Plains, Virginia, a small rural town about 50 miles west of D.C. My mom is originally from Sydney and my sister’s name is Montana. I like to think I’ve always had a connection with the state. In 2012 My childhood friend, now boyfriend of five years, attended UM. A visit to him in 2013 confirmed two things. 1) I loved him and 2) I loved Missoula. We haven’t looked back. 

Member Spotlight: Nomination Form
Do you know someone from our Run Wild Missoula community that we should get to know better? With 1,500-plus members, we have a wealth of talent, passion, expertise, inspiration, and enthusiasm for running and walking among us.

Maybe it is someone who has been inspirational to you, achieved an insurmountable goal, demonstrated a courage to start (or re-start!), or clearly exemplifies the club's core values. Perhaps there is another reason?

If so, we'd like to hear from you! Simply complete the form on the Run Wild Missoula website.

Around Town
Sorry Bout That Half Marathon, January 13th, Polson

Frost Fever Frozen Frolic, January 20th, McCormick Park, Missoula

Montana Snow Joke, February 24th, Seeley Lake
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