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Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Of Bonds & Levies
2018 Missoula Marathon Weekend
Bob Haye's Celebration of Life
A Few Steps Further Film
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Early Fall Races Update
Get In Shape! Training Class
July Beer Runs
Member Spotlight: Danelle Gjetmundsen
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Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Of Bonds & Levies
Over the coming weeks and months, you are going to be hearing a lot about a $15 million county-wide General Obligation Open Space Bond and a $500,000 city-wide Mill Levy for open space stewardship. In early July, the County Commissioners will consider placing the bond on the ballot for the November general election.  On June 25th, the City Council agreed to recommend that the County Commission place the bond on the November ballot; and, they agreed to place the mill levy before voters within the City.

The Run Wild Missoula Board of Directors has reviewed the elements of the bond and levy and have heard presentations by members of the coalition leading the effort.  After much consideration and discussion, the board has chosen to endorse the bond and the levy.  This is Run Wild Missoula’s first foray into advocacy with regard to a ballot issue; and, we felt that it was important to address this position with you, our members.

RWM members, and the Missoula running community as a whole, are significant users of the open space lands in and around Missoula.  On an almost 24/7 basis we are running, walking, hiking and biking on the Milwaukee Trail, the Bitterroot Trail, the lower Rattlesnake, Greenough Park, North Hills, Mount Jumbo, Mount Sentinel and more.  When combined with other users, the collective recreation impacts are being seen in the way of trail erosion, overflowing parking lots and spread of invasive weeds.  At the same time, there appears to be an appetite for new spaces where we can further spread our wings.  Just look at the use of the newly opened Barmeyer Trail on the South Hills Spur.

The proposed bond provides the opportunity for the acquisition of lands such as Mount Dean Stone and Marshall Mountain; construction of new trails; improvements to existing trails, restoration and improved access along the Clark Fork River; reforestation in existing parks and open spaces; and, improvements at trailheads.

The proposed levy provides a funding mechanism to support the maintenance of conservation lands and related infrastructure.  The levy will also provide funds for acquisition of critical/strategic parcels if and when opportunities arise.  As a point of note, the levy funds are specifically dedicated to conservation lands (i.e. Mount Jumbo, North Hills, South Hills Spur, etc.) and cannot be applied to developed park areas such as Fort Missoula Regional Park.

Run Wild Missoula has a long history of contributing to and supporting open space, conservation lands and public trails projects.  We’ve donated $75,000 towards the Mount Dean Stone Project.  We’ve made significant donations to trailhead improvements on the “M” Trail and to the connector between the Kim Williams and Canyon River Trails.  Through the Elk Ramble and Pengelly races, over $15,000 has been directed towards the Parks & Recreation Conservation Lands Program. 

The board recognizes that, for a variety of reasons, not all in our community will support the bond and levy efforts.  They also acknowledge that there are many needs within our community, including affordable housing, public safety and education.  However, the mission of Run Wild Missoula is to promote and support running and walking for people of all ages and abilities.   And, after consideration of all of the above items, the board agreed that the creation of new open spaces and new trails, and the ability to fund the maintenance of those lands and trails will improve the running and walking opportunities for our members (and the community as a whole).  As public spaces, our members and our community will have a greater ability to pursue a fit, active and healthy lifestyle regardless of financial means.

When all was considered, the board of directors felt it was appropriate to support this bond and levy given the potential benefit to our members and our community.  Should you have any questions about the board’s support of the proposed bond and levy, please feel free to reach out to me.

See you on the roads, tracks and trails

2018 Missoula Marathon: July 13 - 15
Run Wild Missoula's biggest event of the year is just around the corner - it's time to celebrate Christmas in July! Here are some of the highlights for the weekend:

Friday's Beer Run is always one of the most fun events of marathon weekend. Low key. Social. Laughter. Beer. Merriment. Beer. Food. Showing off our city to our guests and visitors. What a great way to kick off the weekend!

Saturday Expo and Packet Pickup. Combined with the Farmer's Market - we'll probably see in excess of 10,000 people packed into Caras Park and Downtown Missoula. The energy and excitement will be palpable.

We also have an amazing speaker for the weekend - Deena Kastor ! For information about where to see Deena all weekend long, head over to www.missoulamarathon.org

Make sure to enjoy our biggest weekend of the year for the Missoula running community. We have one of the best events in the country - take advantage of it. It's sure to be a fantastic weekend!

Find the full Missoula Marathon weekend schedule in the app - Apple iTunes | Google Play
Bob Hayes' Celebration of Life: August 12th
With the passing of a legend, the Hayes family invites you to celebrate the life of Bob Hayes on Sunday, August 12th. The celebration will take place at the Hayes Ranch ( milepost 7 on Hwy 93 N) from 4:00 - 7:00 PM. Bring all your favorite Bob stories, and a light dish if desired.
A Few Steps Further Film: August 14th
Tuesday, August 14th
Run starts at 6pm • Film starts at 7pm
Run Wild Missoula • 304 North Higgins Ave, basement

Bridging the gap between endurance sports and backcountry hunting, "A Few Steps Further" follows Montanan Kevin Davis as he experiences the struggles and the rewards of public lands recreation.

Join the  Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers  and  Run Wild Missoula  for a 5K fun run (social, untimed run) followed by a short film screening of "A Few Steps Further". There will be raffles, snacks and refreshments donated by  Highlander Beer . The event is free to attend. With limited space available, the event is open to the first 50 RSVPS - Click Here .
New Member Discount: Western Montana Growers Cooperative
Western Montana Grower's Cooperative is the newest addition to Run Wild Missoula's member discounts and freebies! Sign up for any of their CSA shares this season, and receive a $10 discount! They offer a variety of CSA share options. The coalition of growers are based in the Flathead, Jocko, Mission, and Bitterroot Valleys.

A C.S.A. (Community-Supported Agriculture) is a locally-based model of agriculture and food distribution that links individuals to growers. Individuals pledge support of local farms by purchasing Summer produce before the season begins, sharing the risks as well as the benefits of food production.

Find the full list of Run Wild Missoula member discounts here .
2018 Early Fall Races Update
River City Roots 4 Mile Fun Run: August 25th
Summer running and racing doesn't end with the Missoula Marathon... This year, the River City Roots 4-Mile Fun Run will be held on Saturday, August 25th.

All participants receive a technical short sleeve shirt from Under Armour, chip timing, post-race refreshments, and more! Participants 21 and over also receive a festival drink cup, wristband, and drink ticket to be used at the festival on Saturday.

The race will begin on E Main St and finish in Caras Park - at the heart of the River City Roots Family Fun Festival. This also provides quick and easy access to the River City Roots Festival on Ryman and Main.

For more information about the River City Roots 4-Mile Fun Run,  Click Here .
Diva Day 5K: September 22nd
Mark your calendars - this year's Diva Day 5K will be held on Saturday, September 22nd on the campus of Community Medical Center.

This year, all participants will receive a finisher's medal, exclusive race swag, access to the Diva Day Expo, entry into the post-race raffle drawing, chip timing, post-race mimosas, and more!

Spend the morning with us celebrating women in Missoula and throughout Western Montana. Be part of an event that promotes empowering women of all ages and abilities. Join our community of mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and family and make the most of this awesome morning filled with physical activity, camaraderie, and laughter.

For more information about the Diva Day 5K, Click Here .
Get In Shape!
Feeling inspired by the Missoula Marathon weekend of events? Are you an avid runner looking to get friends and family involved in your sport? Or, are you (or someone you know) new to running and want to learn all about it? 
Get In Shape! is an 8-week class that meets each Sunday at 8:00 AM, beginning July 29th. Get In Shape! aims to prepare anyone for a 5k in time for the Diva Day 5K on September 22nd.
Join Get in Shape! to improve your health, manage stress, make new friends who support your goals, and build confidence with an active lifestyle. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend! No running experience needed, but participants should be able to walk for 20 minutes without stopping before the first class.
For more details and online registration, Click Here .
Two Beer Runs in July!
Missoula Marathon Beer Run • July 13th

Come shake your legs out Friday night of Missoula Marathon weekend with a relaxed 3-mile route! This legendary run will start and end at  Caras Park Pavilion , in beautiful downtown Missoula. Beer and wine will be available for purchase. Plus we will have a live band on stage after the run. Come join the party and meet some of your fellow marathoners in a more casual setting!
Last Wednesday Beer Run • August 1st

Our July beer run will be on July 32nd this month (August 1st) due to the marathon volunteer party happening on our regular date. Our August 1st beer run will start and end at the new  Conflux Brewing Company , 200 E Main St. Their first batch of beer and new menu offerings should be ready by then and we'll get to be some of the first to try it all out. A 3 and 5 mile course will be offered.
Our beer runs are open to everyone - Run Wild Missoula membership is not required.
As outlined in our " Rules of the Run ," for safety reasons, we ask that dogs are not present during the Beer Run.

"5 Miles to Beer Thirty" - The monthly beer run is a casual fun run/walk open to all runners and all abilities. Each month a 3 and 5 mile route is offered at a different brewery location on the last Wednesday of the month, and at the end is a social gathering with libations and food. What could be a better way to end the month?
Member Spotlight: Danelle Gjetmundsen
Where are you from? What brought you to Missoula?

I was born in Riverton , WY and lived there until I was 13. My family moved to Billings in 1982. In 1991, Eivind and I were married and lived in Helena; Soda Springs, Idaho; and Roseburg, Oregon. In 1996 we had the opporunity to move back to Montana and have been in Missoula ever since.

Huge thank you to Danelle for all of her hard work and dedication as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Missoula Marathon!
Member Spotlight: Nomination Form
Do you know someone from our Run Wild Missoula community that we should ge t to know better? With 1,500-plus members, we have a wealth of talent, passion, expertise, inspiration, and enthusiasm for running and walking among us.

Maybe it is someone who has been inspirational to you, achieved an insurmountable goal, demonstrated a courage to start (or re-start!), or clearly exemplifies the club's core values. Perhaps there is another reason?

If so, we'd like to hear from you! Simply complete the form on the Run Wild Missoula website.

Run Wild Missoula Club Running Stats
We hope you spent the month of June getting out, running and racing, and taking in the beauty of Western Montana.

Here are the updated running statistics for our club through June 30, 2018

  • So far, we have run 50,462.35 miles in 2018

  • As a club, we are averaging 280 miles per day

  • 157 of our members have recorded some or all of their miles in our database so far

Did you start logging your miles at the beginning of the year, but haven't continued to add up your miles? Or, are you feeling inspired to be part of the 1200/2000 Mile Club in 2018?? It's not too late! Simply log your miles throughout the year - this can be done daily, weekly, or monthly. At the end of the year, we will award the Mile Club members with a gift!

Find out more information about the 1200/2000 Mile Club by clicking here.
Around Town
5th Annual Polson Mud Run, July 14th, Polson

Sentinel Hill Climb, July 21st, Missoula

Thunderbolt Creek 30K, July 21st, Boulder *Treasure State Trail Series Race

Cross Cut 25K, July 21st, Bozeman *TSTS Race

Snowbowl 15K, August 4th, Missoula

Spokane to Sandpoint Relay, August 17-18th, RWM Discount Code - RunWild18
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