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Every Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. at Dornblaser.

Eat & Run Series, June 30, 5:45 p.m., Good Food Store, Mike Foote
Missoula Marathon Beer Run, July 8, 6:00 p.m.,Caras Park

Missoula Marathon Expo and Packet Pickup, July 9, Caras Park, 8:00 a.m. to
4:00 p.m

Last Wednesday Beer Run, July 27, 6:00 p.m., Silver Slipper Sports Bar


June 2016
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Being Part Of Something Bigger 
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
Many of us don't think a whole lot about the full value of our Run Wild Missoula membership or participation in RWM events.

Sure,we have plenty of member perks like Tuesday Track, Racemakers - 7 Races For A Goodie, 1200/2000 Mile Club, Last Wednesday Beer Runs, Annual Member Meeting, Training Classes, and more.

And, your membership provides you with discounts to places like Runner's Edge, Caffe Dolce and Main Street Pilates.  Of course, there's also savings on entry fees for RWM races.  The above items alone make the $25 a year individual membership a great value. 

To me, those benefits are the tangible items that we can put or fingers on every day to remind us of why we choose to belong to Run Wild Missoula.  But, I like to think that being a RWM member makes us part of something bigger.

First and foremost, you become part of a community - a true community - of fit, active, healthy individuals.  Friendships, relationships and goals are developed and shared between members.  You gain the support of 1,600 like-minded individuals who will share the highs and lows of training and racing.   What a powerful advantage as you use running as part of your journey to self-improvement, self-discovery, and/or self-awareness!

But, your membership and participation in RWM events also allows us, as a community non-profit organization, to give back to the community in which we live, work and play.  As we recently announced, the RWM board of directors recently approved a $25,000 donation to Five Valleys Land Trust as part of their Mt. Dean Stone Fund A Dream campaign.  And, we'll be making donations of at least $15,000 to FVLT in 2017 and 2018. 

That's just the latest in our efforts to give back in meaningful ways.  Last year, we donated to a trail connection between the Kim Williams and Canyon River Trails.  We've also donated to improvements to the trail head at the "M" Trail.  We've made significant donations to organizations such as the Missoula Food Bank, Trees For Missoula, Missoula Parks & Recreation, Team Up Montana, Community Medical Center,  Missoula Youth Track Club and Missoula High School Track & Cross Country Programs. 

In fact, over the last couple of years, we've been able to donate approximately $30,000 to $40,000 per year back to community organizations and events.  This once again proves that there is, in fact, power in numbers.  Yes, your Run Wild Missoula membership is something more than discounts and beer runs.  So, keep your membership active, keep participating in RWM races, and continue to Be Part Of Something Bigger.   

As always, look for me out there on the roads, tracks and trails.
Run Wild Missoula: Listen Up
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director 
Seriously........when you are out on the roads, tracks and trails - LISTEN UP!!

I continue to be surprised by the number of people that I see out on runs who have earbuds in place, music turned up and completely unaware of their surroundings. 

Whether we're on Duncan Drive, the Kim Williams Trail, Greenough Park, or Waterworks, there is a lot going on outside of our immediate little bubble of putting one foot in front of the other.  Cars, bikes, skateboards, dogs, other runners, walkers, hikers and more.  Sure, our eyes are the primary tool we use in observing our surroundings.  But, your ears are a close second when it comes to situational awareness - especially when it comes to what's going on behind you.

Is there a car approaching?  Or a biker?  Another runner?  Did you hear that dog coming from out of the bushes on the side of the trail?  Is someone calling out that they are coming up on your left?  Is a faster runner coming up from behind in the Missoula Marathon?  Is that course guard yelling at you because you missed a turn?  You have no idea when you have the ear buds in and have tuned out your surroundings.  That's not just unsafe for you, it's unsafe for others who are sharing the same road, path or trail.

Although I personally don't listen to music on my runs, I get why others do.  Music can be inspirational and a great way to find your running rhythm.  But, please don't sacrifice your safety and the safety of others.  If you really feel the need to listen to music, leave out one ear bud so that you can still hear what's going on around you.  Listen Up and Be Safe.

RWM Business Partners: Member Discounts
By Bre Ender, RWM Operations Coordinator
Run Wild Missoula is so grateful for their partnerships with several local businesses. We would like to spotlight three of many businesses that provide discounts and freebies for all of our members. Please bring your membership card with you to redeem these great deals!
Sapphire Physical Therapy is passionate about keeping Missoula runners healthy and happy. They support our local running community by providing excellent resources for all runners. Sapphire Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the addition of a 2-Dimentional (2D) running gait analysis lab to their injury treatment and prevention services.  Sapphire PT has purchased the system in order to provide runners with an effective, individualized treatment program aimed at correcting faulty biomechanics and reducing pain. Please visit their website for additional information.
Run Wild Missoula members can receive a FREE draft beer or house glass of wine at Caffe Dolce Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday!!!!  They offer member specials seven days a week! Check out their amazing menu at .
Monday: Two pizzas for the price of one
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Free draft beer or house wine 
Friday: Free small gelato
Saturday and Sunday: Free Espresso
Runner's Edge opened in 2001 to provide runners, walkers, triathletes, and the community of Missoula with high quality footwear and accessories. The staff at the Runner's Edge gives exceptional service to all their customers, especially Run Wild Missoula members. They help sponsor and support many RWM races and events, especially the Missoula Marathon. They offer a 10% discount to all Run Wild Missoula members and also offer special discount shopping nights. 
If you haven't seen the article why it's important to support your local running store, check it out at
Sign up to become a member and receive great local deals by clicking HERE.
If you're interested in offering discounts for members please email our Operations Coordinator, Bre at
August BOP Social: August 6
By Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back (of the Pack)
Saturday August 6  3:00 pm Party Time!
Meet outside front doors of Doubletree Hotel.  Run and/or walk on riverfront trails  3:45 pm  Gather afterward at Finn and Porter  Lounge in the Doubletree hotel
Beer, wine, pizza, and cake will be hosted by Pam Gardiner and Lyle Geurts in celebration of Pam's 70th birthday.

July is a Bye Month
We have found that the rich abundance of  Missoula Marathon activities fill the calendar to overflowing.  We look forward to seeing you in August.   
Member Spotlight: Kristina Pattison

Former US Forest Service Smokejumper and Hotshot, and current Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kristina Pattison competes in the sport of Skyrunning, and she hopes to represent Team USA at the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in Slovenia this month.  

Please click here to read about Kristina and her love of running mountains and trails. 
Member Spotlight Nomination
Do you know someone from our Run Wild Missoula community that we should get to know better? With around 1,600 members, we have a wealth of talent, passion, expertise, inspiration, and enthusiasm for running and walking among us.
Just go to the Run Wild Missoula website and complete the form.  From the Home Page, go to Member > Member Spotlight Nomination.  Submit your nomination today ! Click here
1200/2000 Mile Club
Last year, 69 Run Wild Missoula members earned the coveted 1,200 or 2,000 Mile Club Trucker Hat for their completed miles in 2015.  Perhaps you were one of them and if so, congratulations! Or maybe you are hoping to join the club this year and earn what we have planned for 2016? 
While some of you might feel that 1,200 miles (or 2,000 miles) is too big a number, realize it's achievable if you run just over 23-miles a week for 52-weeks (or for the 2,000 Mile Club just over 38-miles a week for 52-weeks). If you typically run fewer miles, but are train ing for a longer race, you could easily reach the target!
Tracking your miles is easy.  Just log into the  Run Wild Missoula's  website, click on the  Members tab, and then 1200/2000 Mile Club link. Or, click here. Simply enter your miles daily, weekly or monthly - whatever works for you.  Even if you don't reach 1,200, it's a great way to see how many miles you've completed for the year!
7 Races For A Goodie - RWM Racemakers 

Haven't signed up for any Run Wild Missoula races this year, but want to participate in th e Racemakers 7 Races for a Goodie promotion? Maybe you've completed a few races, but realize you have a few more to go? Either way, there are plenty more races to choose from!
Upcoming Races  
Missoula 5K (July 9 )
Missoula Marathon & Half Marathon (July 10)
River City Roots Run (August 27)
Sweathouse Half Marathon (September 17)
Missoula AllWomen 's Diva Day 5K (October 8)
Pumpkin Run 5K & 400m-Dash (October 15)
Mount Jumbo Elk Ramble (November 2016, date TBD)
Turkey Day 8K & 3K Family Run (November 24)   
Alpine Physical Therapy: Is Your Core Really Weak
By Angela Listug-Vap, DPT, FAAOMPT
Alpine Physical Therapy
Alpine PT Logo I recently taught an inner core class to a group of Physical Therapists. There were so many great questions and one in particular brought up a lot of ideas in my own head about our beliefs surrounding 'core strength'. 
Here's the scenario:
a marathon runner experiences back pain with onset around mile 25, believes their core is weak and wants core strength. The PT was worried because this person isn't going to be satisfied by working on breath and coordinated muscle activation of the inner core muscles - which feels more like brain work than physical strengthening until advancing into higher level challenges. Please read more by clicking here. 
Around Town

2016 Trail Rail Run, June 18,    Northern Pacific & Milwaukee Railroad Trail between  Mullan, ID and St. Regis, MT.  Website: register here   
4th Dynamite Dash , July 3, 8:00 a.m. Lincoln, MT, 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5K and 1 Mile Run.   Register here. 
Change Your Pace Challenge, July 16, 10:45 a.m., Seeley Lake, MT, 10K, 5K and 2K. Register here.

Thunderbolt Creek 30K, July 16, 8:00 a.m., Helena-Deer Lodge National Forest near Basin, MT.  More information at bquickrunning 

Clearwater Flyathon. Run, Fish, Beer, July 29-30, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, Diamond Lake campsite.  For more information and to register - click here.

Super Soaked 5K, August 6, 12:00 p.m., Depot Park Downtown Whitefish registration at  
Red Lodge Races:
Beartooth Run, July 9  on US212 between the east and west summits, 5 k or 10k. Register using IAMathlete or visit Headwaters Events on facebook. 
Red Lodge Fun Run for Charities, September 3 downtown in Lions Park 2 Mile Walk, 5k, 10k. Register by visiting Fun Run for Charities on Facebook.
Nitty Gritty Relay and a Half, September 10 , Red Lodge Mountain,  Register using IAMathlete or visit Headwaters Events on facebook. For all races:  Contact: Kristen Hollum, 406.425.0964
Run Wild,


Chris Everett, Running Wild Newsletter Editor

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