Running Wild | March 2020
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Mind Your Manners
As a rule, runners and walkers are good people. Maybe we're mellowed out from the fatigue of all the miles that we put in. Maybe it's the endorphins. Whatever the cause, it's pretty rare for us to "wig out" over issues on the roads, tracks, and trails. That being said, it's always good to remember to practice good etiquette when we're out putting in the miles.

On The Trails - as the trails begin to clear, we need to remember to:
  • Be nice. Be kind. Be pleasant. Say hello to others on the trail; or, give a wave or nod. It's a really simple thing to do.
  • Yield the right of way. Be the one to "take the high road" and step aside to let other pass.
  • Let other's know that your approaching when coming up from behind.
  • If the trails are wet and muddy, still stay in the main tread. If you don't like to get your shoes dirty, stick to the roads until the trails dry up.
  • Pack It In - Pack It Out. That includes cleaning up after your pooch and carrying the baggie to the nearest garbage can.

On The Roads, Bike Paths & Sidewalks :
  • You know what I said above about being nice - that also applies here!
  • Picking up your puppy's muffins - also applies here!
  • On bike paths and sidewalks, no more than two wide please. Remember, there are lots of other users and we need to make room for everyone to enjoy their time outside.
  • Please follow all pedestrian laws. It will be safer for you - face it, you're never going to come out on top in a runner versus vehicle conflict. And, if we runners & walkers follow the rules of the road, hopefully it encourages drivers to do so as well.

When Getting Ready To Race:
  • Sign up early. It will save you some money and really helps with race planning.
  • Read the race information on the race's website. Most all of your questions about the race can be found there.
  • Read all pre-race notices sent to you by race organizers. They'll include information about packet pick up, parking, weather, road/trail conditions and more.
  • Pick up your packet/bib number sooner rather than later - at least 30 minutes before the start of the race. We need time to get you into the timing system and to be ready to get the race started on time.
  • Be sure to thank all of the volunteers who are giving their time to make for a fun and safe event for you.

It's surprisingly easy to practice good manners within the endurance space. Doing so will make for a much more pleasant experience for yourself, your training & racing partners, and everyone else sharing the roads and trails with you. And, really - do you want to be known as "that guy/gal" that does't follow good etiquette?

I'll be minding my "P's" and "Q's" while I'm out on the roads, tracks and trails.
This month we had the pleasure of interviewing our Galloway Class Leaders, Danette Rogers & Teresa Nichols. Click HERE to learn more about them and their passion for Galloway Training Class.

Do you know someone f rom our Run Wild Missoula community that we should get to know better?  Click Here to Nominate
Spring on the horizon and lingering ribbons of snow and ice are slowly giving way to mud and dirt. As trail runners we’re already dreaming of the months ahead and the freedom of cruising forested singletrack, or the satisfaction of ascending a distant ridgeline. It’s also time to start dreaming of trail work season. Sure, swinging a Pulaski doesn’t quite compare to the sheer joy of running through hillsides of balsamroot and larkspur, but they’re both part of being a trail runner. Trail work is our chance to give back to the trails that give us so much.  

That’s where Montana Trail Crew (MTC) comes in. MTC is Run Wild Missoula’s stewardship arm and serves as a central location to celebrate all things Montana trail running. Founded in 2013, MTC ‘s motto of “Building a Trail and Mountain Running Community Under the Big Sky” has taken shape in countless ways, from our ever-popular Mountain Running Film Festival to our blog featuring race reports and stories as varied as our Treasure State landscape. But central to our mission is stewardship. We provide opportunities for trail runners to come out and lend a hand on accessible local trail work projects. 

Trail running is a place-based experience and as a community we feel responsible to do our part to help maintain trails. As a major user group, it’s important for us to leave the trails in as good, or better, shape than we found them. These efforts include clearing brush and debris, installing drainage features to reduce erosion, and even building new trail. Collectively they help make the trails a whole lot better, but they also help build community. So next time you’re thinking about trail running, think about trail work and consider becoming part of the Crew! Keep an eye out on Run Wild Missoula and MTC social media or sign up for MTC’s email list for future trail work opportunities. 

Jimmy Grant
Run Wild Missoula will be recognizing the legacy and memory of Bob Hayes at the Pengelly Double Dip and  Bob Hayes Single Dip . Just like Bob's philosophy of life, you can do a 10K the easy way; or, take part in the Single Dip and do a 10K the Hard Way

The 17th Annual Pengelly Double Dip & Bob Hayes Single Dip  will take place on  Saturday, June 6, 2020 .

Bob's running legacy was established in the mid-1990s with dozens of half marathons, marathons, and ultramarathons. His active lifestyle included running 30 to 40 road races each year into his late 80s. When he wasn't running, he was cutting his own firewood by hand, hauling hay to his cattle, or tapping his maple trees for syrup. Bob died on May 14, 2018 of natural causes. He was an inspiration to runners across Montana and around the world. He touched so many lives with his indomitable spirit and unceasing determination to do things the hard way. His spirit will continue to live on in every runner who ever toed the line with him, who were encouraged by him midway through a race, and who celebrated with him at the finish line.

P hoto Credit: Erik Petersen Photography
Run Wild Missoula offers a Half Marathon Walking Class , which begins on Saturday, March 14th at 8:15 AM . This class is perfect for those looking for a complete training program with the goal to walk the Missoula Half Marathon.

  • Register for the Missoula Half Marathon Walking Class HERE

For more information and to register for our training classes, visit our website
Come out and support Big Sky High School senior, Hannah, as she produces her first race with the assistance of Run Wild Missoula! The Big Sky Buddy Run will take place on Saturday, April 4th at Big Sky Horse Park. Race shirts are guaranteed to the first 50 registrants, and entry fees are just $20.

All proceeds from this race will be donated to the Big Sky High School Life Skills Special Education Program.  Through this program, students at Big Sky High School work with students with disabilities and teach them life skills related to getting jobs and becoming more independent. Funds will also go towards underprivileged kids in the Life Skills Special Education Program in the form of sponsorships so they are able to participate in the Special Olympic Games. 

To learn more about Big Sky Buddy Run, Click Here
RWM's Annual Garage Sale
As winter comes to an end, it's time for a little spring cleaning at Run Wild Missoula. This is your chance to save on Run Wild Missoula and Missoula Marathon gear and merchandise.

Our End of Winter Garage Sale will be at the same time as  Run for the Luck of It!  packet pick up on Friday, March 13th from 3:00 - 6:00 PM at Run Wild Missoula.

We have lots of incredible bargains. Not to mention deep discounts on regularly priced merchandise. You won't want to miss out on these deals!
Upcoming Races at Run Wild Missoula
Mark your calendars and get ready for these upcoming Spring events!
Kick off St. Patrick's Day with us at our annual Run for the Luck of It ! on Saturday, March 14th.

We will have both a 7-mile and a 5K option, as well as a FREE 400-meter kid's dash (untimed)!

The first 800 paid pre-registered participants will receive a BOCO Run Hat. We will also have post-race snacks from Lisa's Pasty Pantry, beer from Bayern Brewing, and entertainment from the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band!

For more information and to register, Click Here !
Run Wild Missoula is once again partnering with Missoula Parks & Recreation to offer the Missoula community the 28th Annual  Run for the Trees on Saturday, April 11th ! Come out and show your support for Missoula's Urban Forest!

The event will take place at  Silver Park . We will offer a 5K, 10K, and a FREE 1-mile fun run (untimed).

All 5K & 10K participants will receive a tree seedling, courtesy of the Good Food Store; custom socks made from 100% recycled material, chip timing, and more!

To register,   Click Here !
Price Increase starting on March 20th at 12:01 AM
Come run a simple, low-key half marathon in  Victor, MT,  while still receiving all the amenities of a Run Wild Missoula race. The course is a scenic, looping route, starting and ending at Victor Park. Runners and walkers are welcome and will enjoy the dirt and blacktop course! Race day is  Saturday, May 9th .

Run Wild Missoula is pleased to offer a virtual component to the Sweathouse Half Marathon. The Virtual Sweathouse Half Marathon is open to members only, and is limited to 35 people! Learn about the Virtual Race Here

For more information,  Click Here !
Price Increase starting on April 1st at 12:01 AM
Kick off summer trail racing with Missoula's favorite - the 17th Annual Pengelly Double & Bob Hayes Single Dips on Saturday, June 6th!

The Pengelly Double Dip is a tall half marathon with 2700 ft of elevation gain. Very challenging and always worth it! Limited to 250 registrants.

The  Bob Hayes Single Dip  is probably the toughest first mile of a 10K - climbing your way up the M Trail to the Sentinel Fire Road. From there, it's smooth sailing with beautiful views of Missoula! This is a great event to try out trail racing; or, if you are looking for a more challenging 10K.

For more information, Click Here !
Saturday, March 21st

3:00PM:  Meet at Bayern Brewing (1507 Montana Street)
Run or walk 2-3 miles on the Milwaukee Path

4:00PM:  Reconvene at the Brewery for social connection. We will be ordering off the menu.

Special thanks to Vicki Morgan for hosting!

Last Wednesday Beer Run • March 25th

A 3 and 5 mile course will be offered. Our beer runs are open to everyone - Run Wild Missoula membership is not required. As outlined in our " Rules of the Run ," for safety reasons, we ask that dogs are not present during the Beer Run.
"5 Miles to Beer Thirty" - The monthly beer run is a casual fun run/walk open to all runners and all abilities. Each month a 3 and 5 mile route is offered at a different brewery location on the last Wednesday of the month, and at the end is a social gathering with libations and food. What could be a better way to end the month?
Here are the updated running statistics for our club through February 29th, 2020:

  • In January, we ran 17,845.99 miles
  • As a club, we are averaging 297.43 miles per day
  • 117 of our members have recorded some or all of their miles in our database

Make sure you input running mileage for 2020 before January 20th, 2021 to be eligible for your mileage club gift. Click HERE to log your miles.

Find out more information about the 1200/2000 Mile Club by  clicking here .
Out & About
Griz Glow 5K Run , March 28th, Missoula, MT

Big Sky Buddy Run , April 4th, Big Sky Horse Park

Dixon Bison Stampede , April 14th, Dixon, MT

Buttercup Run , April 18th, Arlee, MT

Bitterroot Runoff Trail Runs , April 19th, Lolo, MT

Missoula YMCA Riverbank Run , April 25th, Missoula, MT

Sentinel Hill Climb , April 30th, Missoula, MT
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