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May 2015
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Road Runners Club of America
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director

RRC What??

Many of you have possibly never heard of the Road Runners Club of America - better known as RRCA. In essence, they are the running club mothership in the United States. They are not a governing body or regulatory body - rather, they are an overarching organization that provides a wide array of resources to smaller, local clubs - clubs just like Run Wild Missoula.

As a member of RRCA, we have access to all the resources of the bigger organization. Among the most important of those is affordable club liability insurance. Another significant resource is their annual convention/conference. This conference brings together clubs, races, event directors and running insiders from around the country to take part in educational programs, information roundtables, industry networking and vendor exhibits.

Hillary Ogg (RWM Program Coordinator) and I had the opportunity to attend the 57th Annual Convention in Des Moines, Iowa from April 23rd through April 26th. It was the first RRCA Convention for both of us; and, provided us with lots of insights, lessons and challenges.

For the most part, and based on the comments made by other attendees, it seems that Run Wild Missoula is ahead of the curve in membership numbers, member offerings and membership value. Most people were amazed that we have a club of nearly 1,700 members in a City with less than 70,000 residents - and at a price of only $25 per year. There were a number of attendees that had been to the Missoula Marathon and we received nothing but glowing comments on the event.

Additionally, it seems as though, for the most part, we're doing many of the same things that are being done by the biggest, the best and the most successful clubs. So, it was good affirmation that we're on the right track.

That being said - there were some great lessons and takeaways that came out of the 3 days. There are plenty of innovative and leading edge programs, events and member benefits that are being done by clubs around the country. I would hope that we could find ways to incorporate some of those ideas into our own club.

The basic outcome of the conference: Hillary and I will work with our Board of Directors, volunteers, members and sponsors to continue to do the things that we do well. But, we'll also challenge ourselves to look for ways to improve the races, benefits, programs, classes and offerings that Run Wild Missoula provides to our members and the Missoula running community.

Sponsor Corner
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director 
Runner Friendly We have some amazing sponsors that are part of Run Wild Missoula Events. Here are those that were part of the most recent RWM spring races.

Run For The Luck Of It: Anderson ZurMuehlen, Thomas Meagher Bar and Valley Physical Therapy

Run For The Trees (In Partnership with Missoula Parks & Recreation): Good Food Store, Republic Services, Trees For Missoula, Currents, Caras Park Chiropractic, Great Harvest Bread, Nature's Enhancement and Marchie's Nursery

Superfun(d) Run: KC & Jenn Brewington, John & Jamie Ault (Double J Construction) and Friends Of Two Rivers

I also want to start recognizing the incredible group of sponsors that will be supporting the 2015 Missoula Marathon.

Subaru of Missoula will be back for their 3rd year as the marathon's Title Sponsor. How fortunate we are to have them back as part of our event.

And, how about our Gold Sponsors:

Alpine Physical Therapy, Big Sky Brewing, Good Food Store, KPAX, Missoulian, Payne West Insurance, Providence Medical Group, Runner's Edge and Missoula Bone & Joint.

The Missoula Marathon would not be the event it is without these sponsors. Their support allows us to provide the amenities to our participants that make this marathon so special.

Next month we'll visit about who has come on board as 2015 Silver Sponsors.

Remember that all of these firms and individuals give their company dollars, services and goods in order to help us produce successful events. Please patronize these firms; thank them for what they do for Run Wild Missoula; and, let them know how much we appreciate their support.
America's Best Places To Run
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
A lot of us know of Jeff Galloway - in large part due to his incredible success in promoting the run-walk-run training method. Run Wild Missoula and the Missoula Marathon have been hosting Jeff for the last several years during January and July; and, we have strong Galloway Marathon and Half Marathon training groups.

Jeff has also authored numerous books; and, he recently published a new book (co-authored with his son Brennan) titled "America's Best Places To Run". Jeff has run all over our great country; and, he decided that it was time to give recognition to those special places that he and his family have experience over the years. Well, guess which place made the book not just once but twice?? Good old Missoula, MT. (The only other Montana area to make the book was the Hyalite Canyon area south of Bozeman.)

The first mention is his listing of the Missoula Marathon (including the Half Marathon and the 5K) as one of 6 Scenic Races. In this section he gives mention to the beauty of the course; and, he gives props to the University of Montana campus, Big Sky Brewing, Good Food Store and the Rattlesnake.

Oh yeah - speaking of the Rattlesnake - the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area is included in the section of the best trails in the Western US. We all know what a backyard jewel this area is - now, it looks like the word is getting out to the rest of the running world.

None of the trails or routes are described in much depth - but much of the beauty of running is finding the start point of a running area and exploring it on your own. The book covers routes/trails throughout the country and can be ordered via Cardinal Publishers group at for $14.95. 
Missoula Mile: May 31 
Yes - we at Run Wild Missoula love to put on races.  We love it even more when our races have the ability to rise above the event itself and help us to make meaningful and impactful contributions to the Missoula community in which we live, work and play.

The Missoula Mile is just such a race.  This race is all about raising funds to help with the education, diagnosis and treatment of men's cancer - with special emphasis on prostate cancer.  So please - come on out to the Missoula Mile on May 31st.  Have a blast running a road mile in downtown Missoula - all while doing something good for your community.

For race and registration information, just click  HERE   
Pengelly Double & Single Dip: June 6
Pengelly Double and Single Dip
The Pengelly Double & Single Dip will soon be here! Both races start and finish at River Bowl East (south side of Clark Fork River, Kim Williams Trail, near the UM/Van Buren footbridge).  Double Dip starts at 9:00 AM.  Single Dip starts at 9:30 AM. The Double Dip is full. But, the Single Dip is a short, sweet and steep 10K with the best views in town!  There is no participant limit on the Single Dip. To register click HERE  
Boston Marathon 
by Brian Panian, RWM and Boston Training Class Member

Editor's Note: This is Brian Panian's report of the 2015 Boston Marathon written toTim Mosbacher RWM's Boston (Spring) Marathon Training Class Coach.


Dear Tim Mosbacher: 

I will need to get a refund from our Boston training class. I remember in the fine print that you guaranteed to improve one's time by at least a minute. I improved by 7 seconds. 7 lousy seconds. Had I stopped to kiss 1 (or more)  Wellesley girls my time would have fallen miserably. (My running time not my kissing time.)


Oh yeah and what about the advice to bring spare shoes? Nothing was said about a wetsuit...possible a snorkel. I think I will invent wipers for glasses. I could barely see those Wellesley girls...I almost made the mistake of kissing a guy!


All kidding aside I can't thank you enough Tim Mosbacher! Without your training I am not sure I would have finished. I forgot my Garmin watch at the motel so my strategy went  to the road side sorta speaking. I was able to run with Amy from New Jersey for about 16 miles so that helped, but she was running a little too fast for me. I could feel my legs tiring by mile 10. By half way I could tell I was going too fast. By mile 16 my hamstrings were trying to ball up, and then somewhere in there I sprinted down a hill. Definitely a mistake. My quads started to scream at me. I think this is the first time both the front and back side of my legs hurt, usually it is just my hammies. By mile 20 I was having doubts but the crowd keep me going! I had Montana Strong with my name on the front of my shirt and Boston Strong on the back. The crowd loved it! When some people saw Montana on the front of my shirt they all but broke the barrier down to high five me. What a great feeling!


Click HERE to read the rest of Brian's experience running the Boston Marathon and making it to Boylston Street! 
View From The Back: What Next
by Pam Gardiner, BOP Leader

BOP color-black

Something small is missing from my life. The gap was larger and more noticeable at first, but has been diminishing as the days have passed. The gap is filling in. What is it, then, that I miss? I miss the goal.

It has been my friend and inspiration for nearly five years. I would not expect a feeling of loss, but of fulfillment. One step at a time I have chased the elusive prey of finishing half marathon races in 25 states, and now I have. Yes, it felt great to cross the finish line upright and smiling in Honolulu. It felt great to post a message for the Half2Run Facebook group, celebrating success. It feels great to tell those of you who have supported my effort, that it's in the bag, on the books, and checked off the list.

It also feels a little sad. Who am I without this small, inconsequential (on a cosmic scale) but nevertheless challenging and stimulating goal? It has made for years of enjoyable small talk with friends and strangers alike. It has occasioned a delightful album of memories, travel shared with Lyle and with various running buddies, and reunions with long-lost family and friends as I added their states to the list. It has taught me so much about mental and physical training, my own mind and body, and the fine line between tough and stupid (thanks to Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano in Running the Edge). What, other than the accomplishment itself, will fill the gap?

I don't want to aim for 50 states. I don't want another large, multi-year, over-arching goal at this point. I want instead to focus more closely on the present moment. I want to celebrate each day. As a runner, I want to celebrate each mile as special. I want to savor each run shared with a buddy and each one that offers solitude for reflection. I want to run on some days and volunteer for aid stations or cheer at the finish line on others. I have offered my services as a freelance buddy for friends who are themselves chasing "states" goals. I want to continue connecting with far-flung loved ones by looking for events where they live. Maybe sometime I will set another large goal, but probably not. I am glad I did it, but am ready to move into a different model of motivation. Take each day as a gift, live it richly, celebrate, repeat.

Have you felt a vacuum after accomplishing a major goal? How have you responded? What did you learn and how will you approach the challenge another time?


Alpine Physical Therapy: To Stay Injury Free, Stay Balanced
by Jamie Terry, Alpine Physical Therapy

Alpine PT Logo

May is the month things start to ramp up. Race season is not right around the corner, it's here. The Missoula Mile is on Sunday May 31. This is a great race to kick out the kinks and see where you're lining up with your speed work. Not to mention a great fundraiser for local treatment and screening of prostate cancer. Coming in hot after that is the local favorite the Pengelly Double and Single Dip. If elevation is your thing, this is your race. The Double Dip was recently featured in Outside Magazine. The race boasts elevation gains of 2700 ft in a little over a 1/2 Marathon. The race is in memory of Dave Pengelly and supports Missoula Youth Homes. This is a really exciting month and the weather has been cooperating this spring. That all being said, don't just kiss the gym or your exercises goodbye. Race season does mean a decrease in time allocated to strength and stability as you increase your sport specificity, but it does not mean you can check out until next winter. To stay injury free this season, stay balanced. 

This month Matt and I will continue taking you through complementary exercises specific for runners.  Once again the videos will be linked to a Youtube page for you to view as needed. Click HERE for an introductory to each exercise along with links to the Youtube pages.


Matt Schweitzer, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Jamie Terry, DPT, SCS, CSCS
Alpine Physical Therapy Downtown Located in the Peak Health and Wellness Center
150 E. Spruce St. Ste. A
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-549-0064
Fax: 406-543-2999
Around Town
YMCA River Bank Run , May 9, 1 mile fun run, 5K, 10K, Trifecta, 9:00 a.m. 

Bronc Stampede Run, May 16, 5K and 10K, 10:00 a.m. Frenchtown High School Stadium. or For information contact 

Susan G. Koman, Race For The Cure, May 16, Helena, 5K, 10:15, Montana State Capitol Grounds.  Ride the RWM bus. 

Greater Yellowstone Adventure Series (5 races): 20th Annual Madison River Run 5K - Water To Whiskey - May 30, 2015 in Ennis; 4th Annual Madison Duathlon (bike: 14 miles; run: 7 miles) - Ennis to Virginia City on July 5, 2015 8th Annual Madison Marathon (full, half and team marathons) - Gravelly Range Road near Ennis on July 18, 2015
The Inaugural Big Sky Marathon (full and half marathon) - Starting on the Madison Marathon route and descending to Ennis on July 19, 2015; 4th Annual Madison Triathlon (swim: 1,200 yards, bike: 23 miles, run: 6 miles) Ennis Lake to Harrison to Pony Montana on August 2, 2015. 10% discount for RWM members - RWM2015. To register and information:

Run Flathead, June 7, 10K and half marathon, 9:00 a.m. Herron Park, race benefits Foys to Blacktrail Trails. 

Ten Spoon 10K Wine Run, June 13, 4:45 p.m. with 4:00 p.m. kids race, Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery. Post race winne, snacks, message and live music.

SAFE, June 20, Hamilton, 5K and 10K, 9:30 a.m., family and walker friendly. SAFE offers emergency shelter for families victimized by domestic violence.The awards are nice glass artwork picturing Trappers Peak. The artworks are crafted by a local artist.
Run Wild,


Chris Everett, Running Wild Newsletter Editor

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