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May 2016
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Love Thy Trails - Part Deux
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
Last month, the spring weather called us to the trails.  This month, it's more sun; hillsides bursting with wildflowers; the full opening of Mt. Jumbo; and, preparation for this summer's trail races.
Maybe you're taking part in one of RWM's trail classes.  Perhaps it's an early morning Double Dip training run with the guys and/or gals.  Or prepping for 11 Miles to Paradise.  Or just getting out to enjoy the open spaces, the great blue dome, the wind in your hair and the dirt beneath your feet.  As I wrote last month - Missoulians love us some trail running.
With all those feet pounding the trails, there's bound to be some impacts and conflicts.  But, as such a large group of trail users, it's important that we do our part in minimizing those issues.  In fact, it's important enough to warrant a follow up to last month's article on trail etiquette.
So, here are your Executive Director's Pick Six of Trail Etiquette Tips.
  1. Be courteous and friendly with fellow trail users - Always!!
  2. Stay on the developed trail/tread.  Especially when it's wet and muddy. Don't widen the trail or create new tread by avoiding mud or puddles.
  3. Respect trail closures.
  4. Respect private property - especially when trails cross private lands by way of easements.
  5. Leave no trace. Carry out what you carry in.  That includes gel packs and doggie doo bags.
  6. Give back by helping to build, maintain and clean up trails and trail heads
This is pretty much all common sense stuff.  But, I'm always a little surprised at how many runners don't practice these basic principles.  The surest way for us to have access restricted or eliminated is to not take care of the trails that we love.  So, get out and enjoy our great trail system - but do it responsibly. 
As always, look for me out there on the roads, tracks and trails.
Run Wild Missoula: April Race Sponsors
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director 
Race sponsors allow us to keep race costs as low as possible and still provide a great experience to all the participants.  For some races, they also allow us to maximize the amount of funds that we're able to contribute back to other organizations and causes within the community. 
We had some great sponsors for our April races; and, I wanted to take a minute to recognize them once again.
The Run For The Trees was presented in partnership with
 Missoula Parks & Recreation and was sponsored by:
Good Food Store     
Republic Services      
Climate Smart Missoula                                                         Northwestern Energy

The Superfun(d) Run was sponsored by:
Jenn & KC Brewington    
Double J Construction (John & Jamie Ault)
As club members and race participants, we can thank these sponsors by patronizing their places of business.  By saying thank you to someone you know that works at or for one of these organizations.  Or, by letting others know how these groups help us to give back to our community.
At Run Wild Missoula we are always honored when a company, group or organization chooses to partner with us to put on events, classes and activities.  So, to our sponsors - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Missoula Mile: May 29
Sometimes it's just fun to run all out.  Painful?  Perhaps.  Fun?  Definitely.  But, it's hard to turn on the afterburners during a 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon.  And, we even need to mind our pacing in a 5K.  But a mile - that's the time to crank up the pace and let the legs fly.

It that sounds like your cup of tea, then check out the Missoula Mile on May 29th. We'll have an open mile, an elite heat, and a first responder's mile.  Information and registration can be found HERE.

We'll also have a Mutt Mile - the first time ever that Run Wild Missoula has allowed dogs as part of an event.  So, if you want to run with your four legged friend, now's your chance.

Most importantly, this event is a benefit for Prostate Cancer Awareness & Treatment.  Over the first six years of the event, we've been able to raise over $35,000 towards this cause.  Join us as we partner with Providence Montana Health Foundation in presenting the 7th Annual Missoula Mile.

June BOP Social:June 3
By Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back (of the Pack)
Friday, June 3, 2016
6:00 pm
Maclay Flats, Blue Mountain Road
Meet at the trailhead parking lot
Walk and/or run 2-4 miles on the trails.   Or come at 6:45 for "socializing only".  Bring your own drinks and a dish to share after the run, "tailgate style."
Many thanks to Silke Jauck for hosting this event.
Pengelly: June 4
So, the Missoula Mile wasn't quite enough challenge for you?  Needing to get back to your pain cave right away?  Then you won't want to miss the Pengelly Double, Single and V-Dips.  June 4th at River Bowl East (UM intramural fields by Van Buren footbridge).  

The Double Dip has already filled.  But, the Single Dip is quite the challenge itself.  Probably the toughest first mile of a 10K that you'll ever do.  Or, try out our newest event - the V-Dip.  2,000' up to the top of Sentinel, then 2,000' back down to the start/finish area - puttin' the V in Vertical!  It'll be a leg-burnin', quad-bustin' good time.

Get more information and register by clicking HERE. 
Member Spotlight: Lauren Trent
The monthly Member Spotlight is back, and we're excited to get to know our running community better!  Do you know someone that should be featured, or whose story needs to be shared?  Nominate them today !
This month, we're highlighting Lauren Trent , a member of our running community since 2010 and future author of the Member Spotlight.  Not only is her enthusiasm for the sport infectious, but she enjoys writing too! 
Lauren joined Run Wild Missoula in 2010, although she 'd readily admit she didn't fully engage until 2013 when she signed up for the Beginning Running 101 class.  A believer of the Galloway running method where one inserts walk breaks in-between running segments, this class proved to be the perfect re-introduction.  Being out-of-shape and twenty pounds overweight, she needed to make a commitment.  Within a week, she fell in love with the sport all over again, "although, I remember thinking I'd die before we finished a two mile run. "  Today, Lauren just completed the Eugene Marathon, and has completed a number of half marathons including the Missoula Half three times. 
" It's truly amazing what is available to the members," noted Lauren.  "I've taken Yoga for Runners, BOP Trail Running classes, and now the CORE class on Wednesdays.  There are offerings for all levels of runners and walkers alike, not to mention fun races, and other program benefits!"
If you ask Lauren what makes her excited about the sport,  she 'll tell you it's the physical and mental benefits running provides; however, she derives the most excitement from bringing new people to the sport. "The Galloway method is a perfect way to ease into running, I've found."  Lauren has already recruited various family members including her husband (after four knee surgeries), and her sister with whom she completed a 1/2 marathon last February.  "I love seeing people accomplish something they never thought possible, and I get just as emotional and excited for them when they do.  It's one of my favorite things about our running club, and the Missoula running community.  Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of each other."
We chose Lauren to be featured this month because we find her enthusiasm for life and the sport infectious.  Following are some fun running facts about Lauren.
Started Running Running was always punishment as a high-school athlete.  It wasn't until college when a friend introduced me to the fun side of running that my attitude changed.
Trails or Road : Both. They feed the soul in different ways.
Typical Night Meal Before A Big Race:   Sushi.
Favorite Post-Race Indulgence :  Cheeseburger, french fries, and a diet coke.  If my gut is up for it, a vanilla sundae is the perfect dessert.
If I didn't run, I'd : Swim: I'm starting to add swimming to my cross-training routine.
Ever lose a toenail? Not yet, but I won't be surprised if it happens. 
Ever win your age group?   In Missoula, not a chance given who's in my age group!
Running goal(s) for 2016:   Eugene Marathon & Pengelly Double Dip completion;  Log 1,000 miles for the year; however, I'd secretly like to achieve 1,200 and join that club!
Current Running Shoe : ASICS GEL-Kayano.  It felt like betrayal leaving the Nike brand years ago (University of Oregon association), but ASICS just work better for me. 
Favorite Hobbies Besides Running: Cheering on my Oregon Ducks (GO DUCKS!), playing Golf with my sweetheart, shooting Trap and/or Skeet with my Dad, hanging with the pups, reading a good book, etc.

Around Town
Bronc Stampede, May 14, 5K and10K, 10:00am at Frenchtown High School Track. Co ntact  at   or 626-1920 or 360-5558. or registration at
Veteran Suicide Awareness, Missoula Co. Fairgrounds, May 22, 22K walk/run. Register here or

Crown Of The Continent Traverse Presentation,
May 24.  MCT Center for Performing Arts, Doors open at 6:30 p.m., presentation at 7:00 p.m.  Mike Foote, Mike Wolfe and Steven Gnam will share stories of their 600-mile trail run from Missoula to Banff.

Run For Freedom, May 27, 5:30 p.m., University of Montana, register at  
2016 Trail Rail Run, June 18,   Northern Pacific & Milwaukee Railroad Trail between  Mullan, ID and St. Regis, MT.  Website: click here 
Super Soaked 5K, August 6, 12:00 p.m., Depot Park Downtown Whitefish registration at 
Red Lodge Races:
Beartooth Run, July 9  on US212 between the east and west summits, 5 k or 10k. Register using IAMathlete or visit Headwaters Events on facebook. 
Red Lodge Fun Run for Charities, September 3 downtown in Lions Park 2 Mile Walk, 5k, 10k. Register by visiting Fun Run for Charities on Facebook.
Nitty Gritty Relay and a Half, September 10 , Red Lodge Mountain,  Register using IAMathlete or visit Headwaters Events on facebook. For all races:  Contact: Kristen Hollum, 406.425.0964
Run Wild,


Chris Everett, Running Wild Newsletter Editor

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