Running Wild | January 2021
Run Wild Missoula Interim Executive Director: Enjoying Missoula
I have been trying to find inspiration for this month’s newsletter, and have not had much success (which is why it’s a few days late).  New Year's resolutions seemed too cliché and, to be honest, aren’t really my “thing.”  I tried looking at all that we accomplished in 2020, but I had already covered some of that in December’s newsletter.  I started to think about my own running, which has been going well recently, but I am not one to talk about myself (too much).

However, my recent running route choices got me thinking about the plethora of options we have in Missoula.  For a road runner like myself, there are a variety of paved paths that are still snow and ice free!  I also recently ventured on a new-to-me route in the Rattlesnake.  Although, to be honest, it was way outside my comfort zone and I was sore for days.  I likely won’t be doing that again anytime soon…. You can go stalk my Strava to figure it out if you want.

Ok, you might be asking yourself, “where is she going with this?”  Stay with me here!

I would like to think that we all have always appreciated the recreation opportunities in our valley; even more so within the last year.  We have miles and miles of trails on Sentinel, Jumbo, North Hills, the Rattlesnake, Pattee Canyon, Blue Mountain and, soon, Dean Stone.  And while Missoula runners love the trails, we have been showing them a bit too much love lately. Adding in the balmy weather we have been experiencing throughout the holiday season, more and more users are continuing to use the trails later into the winter season.  The seasonal closure of Jumbo has also reduced the amount of trails to recreate on, which has moved a number of users to the North Hills.  Erosion, braiding, short cuts, dog poop, and unofficial trails are all problems that we see within our trail system.

Trails are there to be used – I get it!  However, I think it is important to revisit trail etiquette.  Here are a few tips from Missoula Parks and Recreation:
  • Be aware of other trail users.
  • Stay to the right of the trail (except when passing.)
  • Stay on the trail.
  • Leave no trace, don’t litter.
  • Obey all posted signs. 
  • Keep pets on a leash where required, and under strict voice control at all times. 
  • Control your pet—do not assume others want to interact with your dog.
  • Pick up pet waste and carry the bag with you—dispose of in a trash receptacle.
  • Keep pets on the trail.

All this is to say, please continue to take advantage of the beautiful place we live in, but in a respectful and responsible way. And go enjoy a sunrise or sunset run, walk, or hike soon!

Run wild, run free –
Member Spotlight: Adam Peterman
Where are you from? What brought you to Missoula?

Born and raised in Missoula.

How long have you been running? Why did you start?

I've been running for 12 years now. I ran a little in 4th grade after my mom signed me up for a local 5k, but I didn't really enjoy running until I started cross country in middle school.

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Forrest Boughner: Missoula Marathon Training Class Leader
We are excited to announce that Forrest Boughner will be leading the 2021 Missoula Marathon Training Class! He is a long time Missoulian and has been an active member of Run Wild Missoula since 2014. Forrest has been avidly involved in our trail classes, Montana Trail Crew, and volunteering for Run Wild Missoula. As a seasoned runner on both trails and roads, Forrest is excited to take on the 2021 Missoula Marathon Training Class! You can read more about Forrest in our Member Spotlight interview here.
Upcoming Virtual Races with Run Wild Missoula
Run for Missoula | Frosty Frolic
January 11 - 17
We are returning to the new year with our continuation of the Run for Missoula Virtual Race Series! This month our Run for Missoula Virtual Race is the Frosty Frolic. Similar to the last installment of Run for Missoula, this series will build on itself in distance and give back to local partners. This month we are starting with a 5K. Funds from this race will be used to purchase meals to be delivered to COVID Unit and ICU nurses at Providence St. Patricks Hospital and Community Medical Center. Registration is now open!

For more information and to register, click here.
2021 Virtual Snow Joke Half Marathon
February 27 & 28
Registration for the 2021 virtual Snow Joke Half Marathon is now open! The Snow Joke has traditionally been an in-person half marathon, but it has transitioned to a virtual event for 2021 to keep everyone active while staying socially distanced. Even though this event won't be in person, you still get to run 13.1 blazing fast, freezing cold miles. You will have until March 2nd to upload your results!

For more information and to register, click here.
RWM Club Miles
Here are the updated running statistics for our club in 2020:

  • We ran 194,970 miles in 2020
  • As a club, we are averaging 533 miles per day
  • 175 of our members have recorded some or all of their miles in our database

It's not too late to upload your miles for 2020! Make sure you input running mileage for 2020 before January 20th, 2021 to be eligible for your mileage club gift. Click HERE to log your miles.

Interested in logging your miles for 2021? RWM Members who run or walk over 1200 or 2000 miles in one year will receive a Run Wild Missoula customized gift. Even if you didn't run or walk over 1200 miles, we still encourage you to post your miles! We love to see how much activity our club really does!

Find out more information about the 1200/2000 Mile Club by clicking here.

If you have any questions, email Sally,
2020 Racemakers & Run Wilder
Racemakers are Run Wild Missoula members who participate in 7 Run Wild Missoula races throughout the year. The Run Wilder Program recognizes RWM Members that complete 12 or more Run Wild Missoula races in a calendar year.

Members that complete 7 Races will receive a RWM Gift! Those that complete the Run Wilder program will receive FREE entry to one of the Missoula Marathon weekend events; in addition to the Racemaker gift.

The full Racemaker list will be posted by the end of this week, January 8th, 2021, on our website. To review your 2020 totals for accuracy, please login to your RWM account. Please reach out with any corrections or questions by Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 to be eligible for your gift.

If you have any questions, or need help accessing the page, email Sally,
Around Town
Frozen Feet Challenge
Registration for the Frozen Feet Challenge by Runner's Edge is now open! This is a great challenge to take on if you're looking for some motivation to stay active through the month of January. All you have to do is walk at least a mile a day, every day for the month of January.

Registration is free, you can register here.
Run for Spring Run
Run for Spring is a virtual rundraiser for Spring House Resource, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting students and educators across the seven school districts on the Flathead Reservation. Run or walk anywhere, anytime from March 1-20. You can pick your distance of a 5K or 10K. The first 200 to register will get a t-shirt!

For more information and to register, click here.
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