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November  2015
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Be Seen - Be Safe
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
As we move from fall into winter, we've all noticed the days getting shorter (or should I say the nights getting longer!!).  Add in the return of standard time this past weekend; and, we're back to the fun filled period of going to work and heading home in the dark.
But us runners, we're a stubborn bunch.  A little bit of darkness ain't gonna be stoppin' us.  We'll still be getting out there putting in the miles regardless of the illumination deficiencies.  Which prevents a bit of a dilemma - how to be safe and visible in order to avoid becoming urban road kill?
The key is reflectivity and LED's.  Reflective vests, bands, jackets, shorts and pants.  Clip on lights.  Flashing lights.  Headlamps.  Hand-held flashlights.  They're all readily available and all do a great job of making you visible to drivers.  Use the 10% discount that comes with your RWM membership and get to Runner's Edge - they have a full selection of gear that will allow you to become visible in the dark.
As runner's, we're always a bit exposed to distracted drivers, bad drivers and drivers who just don't care.  Add in the dark; and, being out on the roads becomes even a bit riskier.  So, reduce the risk and make sure that you are always using gear that helps you to be seen in the dark. 
As the executive director, the one role that I hope to avoid completely is having to visit a club member in the hospital (or worse) because they were hit by a car on a dark morning run.   Be Seen - Be Safe - do it for yourself, your friends, family and loved ones.
See you on the roads, tracks and trails
Montana Cup - Zootown Domination!! 
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
The Montana Cup is a fun and unique opportunity for MT runners. It's a cross country meet that allows you to represent your local city/region - competing against teams from the other 6 "major" cities/regions (Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell and Missoula).
It's a lot like  cross country from our high school days - with team trophies and individual awards for the top 7 open runners, masters (40+)  and juniors (19 & under). It's certainly a competitive event; but, it's unique format and courses also make it one of the most enjoyable events on the running calendar.
Missoula has a history (especially over the last 4 or 5 years) of bringing home team and individual awards. And, the approximately 50 runners from Missoula carried on that tradition this year as well. Held on a challenging 8 Kilometer course on the historic Sieben Ranch outside of Helena, Team Maroon steamrolled the competition.

The Open Men, Open Women and Master's Women all won their 5th consecutive team titles. The Master's Men were a close 3rd. Individually, Trisha Drobeck won the women's race - with Meg Brooker, Amy Friedman, and Jenny Newton all in the top 10. Henry Reich was 2nd overall in the men's race; and, he was joined by Tim Caramore, Andy Drobeck, Jeff Rome and Tyson Warner in the Top 10. Greg Friedman won the men's master's division - with Tim Mosbacher and Scott Marron in the top 10. Greg's wife Amy was 2nd in the women's master's division, and Jenny Newton and Katie Gibson joined her in the top 10.
But, the Montana Cup isn't just about the elites - all are welcome. Our bus was filled with runners of all ages and abilities. In fact, Missoula had both the oldest competitor at the event (Patsy O'Keefe) and the youngest (Zollie Friedman).
Our goal for next year - the first ever sweep of all 4 team divisions. Let's bring all the cups "home" to Missoula in 2016. Go Maroon!!
November BOP Social: November 14
By Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back

Saturday November 14
2:00 pm
Bitterroot Valley
Meet and run or walk at Larry Creek trails (directions below)
Socialize afterward at Blacksmith Brewing (purchase beverages, bring snacks to share)
Directions to Larry Creek:  Take Hwy 93 south from Missoula. About 3-4 miles south of Florence, turn right onto Bass Creek Road at the recreational/hiking sign. Stay on Bass Creek Road about 2 miles, past a sign for Bitterroot National Forest Bass Creek Recreational Area. Take the first right then follow the sign for Larry Creek Camp. Follow the dirt road about 1/4 mile to "stock trailer" parking with a bathroom on the right.  RECOMMEND wearing orange and other visible colors for this run. There will be two different routes based on distance to choose from.
Directions to Blacksmith Brewing from Larry Creek:  Return to Highway 93, turn right, and continue south to Stevensville Cutoff Road. Left to Eastside Highway, right to downtown Stevensville.  Blacksmith Brewing is on the main street through town. 

Turkey Day 8K and 3K Family Fun Run: November 26
The 8K run/walk (chip timed) and 3K Family Fun Run (untimed) courses travel along the Kim Williams Trail, with short distances on a few Missoula city streets. The race is open to anyone wanting to get some fresh air and exercise before feasting on a Thanksgiving meal!
The course is open to strollers and walkers. NO DOGS PLEASE. There are no aid stations. New this year:  a bicycle lead for BOTH races!  Please note that the race will START & FINISH at McCormick Park.
Non-perishable food items and monetary donations will be collected for the Missoula Food Bank at the race registration and packet pickup tables.
Awards are given to the 8K top 3 female and top 3 male overall winners in the form of Thanksgiving food goodies!
Registration info:   8K participants get a CHIP time, winter hat and are eligible for overall prizes. Run Wild Missoula members receive a $2 discount off registration fees. 
Turkey Day 3K is FREE for all ages:
  • all 3K participants MUST register;
  • 3K participants may purchase a 2015 Turkey Day winter hat for $10 race day, subject to availability;
  • 3K race is untimed & noncompetitive - perfect for kids and families;
  • online registration for the 3K will be open through November 24, at noon;
  • in-person registration available on November 25, from 12 - 4 p.m. at the Run Wild Missoula offices (basement of Runner's Edge); and
  • in-person registration available race day, November 26, between 8 - 9 a.m., at McCormick Park. 
We encourage 3K participants to donate non-perishable food or monetary donations to the Missoula Food Bank (we will also be collecting donations at the registration/packet pick up tables). You may also donate directly to the Missoula Food bank online
Packet Pickup available:
  • Wednesday, November 25 from 12 - 4 p.m. at the Run Wild Missoula offices (in the basement of Runner's Edge), and
  •  race day, November 26, from 8 - 9 a.m. at McCormick Park.
Questions or want to volunteer? Email Race Director Courtney Babcock. Click here for more information or to register. 
View From The Back: Next Time The Full
by Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back (of the Pack)
BOP color-black
The October BOP Bulletin invited feedback from people who have come in toward the end of recent Run Wild events.  What does it look like to them?  How does it feel?  Kudos?  Suggestions?
One response came all the way from Ohio.  Mari is not a random stranger; in fact we are related by marriage (my son and her daughter).  She is, however, fairly new to running and in a few short years has embraced the half marathon distance.  She ran the Missoula Half last summer.  I am delighted to share her feedback here.
Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back
You asked for feedback on the BOP experience at an event in Missoula.  Here it is:
I came out this summer from Ohio to run the Missoula Half Marathon (my 7th).  My motivation was hearing about it for the past 5 years from my dear friend Pam Gardiner, and the deal was sweetened by being able to stay with her for an extended visit to Missoula.
Since beginning to run 5 years ago (and since my first half marathon in 2012), when people ask me if I'm ever going to do a full marathon, I've always said no.  It's all I can do to finish a half.  
But this July, after finishing the half and enjoying the snacks and a rest afterwards, I went back to my car, changed into a volunteer t-shirt, and came back to the finish area to cheer on the runners and walkers coming in at the end of the full marathon.  
Wow!  It was inspirational!  To see these folks (many of them much older than I) coming in at 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 hours made me glad that I was out there to help celebrate their successes.  A group of 3 women who'd walked the entire course.  People completing their 10th, 20th, and even more marathons.  Did I mention that many of them were older than I?  It made me think, hey, maybe I can do this too.  I'm not getting any younger.  I should try.
If I do attempt a full marathon, I want to run it in Missoula.  Your organization will provide the incentive.  I know there will be someone there to acknowledge my victory, to hang a medal, to supply a bottle of water and some delicious nourishment, and there will be porta-potties.  And best of all, I know I already have friends among fellow runners in your community.
Hoping to see you in 2016.
Mari Seitz, 2015 Missoula Half Marathon finisher

View From The Back: Five Candles for the BOP
by Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back (of the Pack)

At its inception, Run Wild Missoula crafted a bold and inclusive mission statement:

"Run Wild Missoula promotes & supports running and walking for people of all ages & abilities." 

Making such a generous statement of intent is an awesome place to start, and just doing that raises RWM head and shoulders above the sea of its peers.  However, translating intention into action takes a lot more effort. This month we celebrate five full years of making that effort.

The very first Back of the Pack (BOP) mailing list was initiated in November 2010.  Monthly BOP Bulletins and View from the Back articles began to flow a few months later.  BOP social run/walk/potlucks fired up in April 2011, then came the green bandannas and t-shirts.  Cheerleaders and sweepers.  A Facebook group, and more...
Good intentions by themselves lead nowhere. Good intentions fueled by initiative, supported by RWM leadership, and encouraged by members of the broader running community have turned inspiring words into a rich and valued reality. 

High Five and going strong!

Pam Gardiner, Leader of the Back 
Alpine Physical Therapy: Change It Up On The Treadmill 
by Matt Schweitzer,  Alpine Physical Therapy
Alpine PT Logo
While we have still been having some beautiful days, a few rainy days are creeping in and the mornings are getting darker and cooler. I have seen more people running on the treadmills at the gym in the mornings and evenings to escape the weather. Some people are running the same pace on a flat treadmill, others are doing intervals and a few are running at an incline. Treadmill running may not be as fun as running outside but it not have to be unbearable. There are all types of different workouts you can do on a treadmill that are easier on a treadmill and can break the monotony of running and going nowhere. 

Intervals are great on a treadmill because you can set your pace and closely watch your distance. One interval that is popular is ¼ mile repeats to work on your speed. All intervals training depends on the distance you want to run, speed and fitness level, this is just an example. With interval training you want to have a period of hard work followed by an active recovery period that is relatively easy so you can recover. An example of interval training using ¼ mile repeats would be as follows, after your warm up you run ¼ mile at 80%-85% of your maximal effort then recover for a ¼ mile at 30-40% of your maximal effort, for some people it is a light jog others it is brisk walk, perfectly fine either way. Repeat this for 4 cycles and you have done 2 miles. It is a nice way to mix up your training and it is really easy to track on a treadmill.

One of my favorite workouts on a treadmill is to incline the treadmill to 8.5 to 12.5, then stop the belt by pressing the stop button, let the treadmill cycle back to the home screen and push the belt under your own power. Almost every treadmill I have used will allow you to do this, there are very few exceptions. It is a great workout and you can really work on getting stronger in your legs and core in very specific way for running. I do an interval workout this way; I will push the belt at a 80% effort for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds and repeat from 5-10 times. A stopwatch or timer is needed for this one. You can change times and effort level based on what you feel comfortable with. This is much harder than it sounds!

Happy Trails and Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt Schweitzer, DPT, OCS, CSCS
Alpine Physical Therapy Downtown, Located in the Peak Health and Wellness Center
150 E. Spruce St. Ste. A
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-549-0064
Fax: 406-543-2999
Around Town
Run For The Health Of It  - Missoula, November 7, 10:00 a.m. The Women's Club, 2105 Bow Street, 728-4410. 
Run Wild,


Chris Everett, Running Wild Newsletter Editor

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