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November 2016
Run Wild Missoula Executive Director: Inspiration & Aspiration
by Tony Banovich, Executive Director
I had been struggling to come up with a topic and content for this month's newsletter.  It was as if the grey, wet funk of October had permeated the creative portion of my brain.  But then we had the bluebird day of Saturday, November 5th, the Mount Jumbo Elk Ramble 15K and the Mountain Running Film Festival.  Suddenly, I was filled with inspiration and aspiration.
As the Elk Ramble got underway, it was great to take a minute to reflect back on the fact that 20 years ago our community took the first steps in creating the amazing open spaces that we have in Missoula.  In 1995, Missoulians approved a $5 million open space bond.  In the background, Five Valleys Land Trust (and many others) were working to secure parcels on Mount Jumbo to turn over to the City for public ownership.  In 1996, it all came together and the first significant chunk of Jumbo was set aside for permanent enjoyment by the public.  From there, the City and County open space programs have progressed to include lands on other sections of Mount Jumbo together with Mount Sentinel, the North Hills and the South Hills.  And, soon to come, a huge swath of parcels on Mount Dean Stone.  How can you not be inspired to live a fit, active, healthy and outdoor lifestyle when we have such amazing spaces right on the edges of town?
But, the light bulbs really started to pop while watching the amazing films that were part of the Mountain Running Film Festival.  We were so fortunate to be the Missoula premier of The Hard Way about local legend Bob Hayes.  The segments about his running were fantastic.  But, what moved me most was how the filmmakers handled Bob's touching memories of his wife Ann and her losing battle with Alzheimer's.  The film inspired me to not be afraid of doing the hard things.  And, it left me with aspirations of doing so with Bob's grace and dignity.
The Elk Ramble was a gorgeous day with amazing vistas of Mount Jumbo, Lolo Peak and more.  Incredible performances with people of all ages and abilities pushing their limits.  A sense of community took hold as runners hung around after the race, ate grilled cheese sandwiches and recounted their performances.  This was followed just a couple of hours later by the incredible energy of almost 600 folks taking in the emotions, scenery and stories presented during the film festival.
In the midst of the film festival, my mind was racing with all that I had experienced that day.  I took a moment to jot down some thoughts to try to help capture the moment; and, here's the results of my quick and dirty brain dump.  Inspiration.  Alzheimer's.  Perseverance.  Crown Continent - Holy C$^p.  Go Big.  Humbling.  Open Spaces.  Amazing Day.  This is where we get to live and play.  Days like this are why we do this running thing.  Push Your Limits.  So Spectacular.  Community.  Big Adventures.  Grinding It Out.  Never Give Up.
In the end, I've given some thought as to how to distill all of this great "stuff" into a couple of overarching themes.  I'm left with the inspiration to continue to live a fit, healthy and active lifestyle and to encourage others to do the same.  All while aspiring to be better at getting out and taking on the occasional challenge of pushing my limits in the amazing open spaces that we have in Western Montana.
I hope you'll join me in seeking out adventures on our roads, tracks and trails
Running & Walking Into Winter

At Run Wild Missoula, we do our best to host events all year long.  We want to be sure that you have the motivation to stay fit and active - even during the dark days of winter.  That's why we'll be having a couple of events to take you right through the holidays. 
Gather the family and friends and come on out for a little bit of fresh air and exercise on Thanksgiving morning at the Turkey Day 8K and 3K Family Fun Run.  The 8K is a full service event with chip timing and a great looking winter hat.  The 3K is free; but, does not include timing or the winter hat.

You can make optional donations to the Missoula Food Bank during online registration; or, bring non-perishable food or monetary donations to packet pick-up.  Let's help to make the holidays merry and bright for everyone in the Missoula community.  All participants will be able to take advantage of our magic calorie converter - by running or walking the 8K or 3K, you'll be able to eat guilt-free the rest of the day!!!!!!  For more information and to register, click HERE.

After the holidays, be sure to start the year on the right foot (pun intended).  Join   Run Wild Missoula as we again partner with  Runner's Edge to provide a $5 5K - the Resolution Run.  That's right, only a $5 entry fee.  And, you still get chip timing, a ceramic soup bowl and warm soup.  Even better, you'll get the priceless feeling of starting the year off by getting outdoors and being active.  This race is limited to 500 participants.  Don't miss out - just go HERE  to get more information and to sign up.
Back of the Pack November Social Special Edition: November 19
Honoring Glenn Burwick's retirement after 48 years at Caterpillar Tractor
and celebrating the final year in his current age group. 
Saturday November 19
3:00 pm
Meet at Great Burn Brewing Company (park on the street) for a 2-4 mile run or walk on the Bitterroot Trail.  Return to the brewery for a party in their upstairs room.
Suzi and Glenn will provide home-smoked pulled pork.  Please bring side dishes to share and purchase beverages from Great Burn. 
NOTE:  No gifts, please.  Optional donation to Animeals if you wish.
For questions, or more information, please contact Pam Gardiner, 
Jeff Galloway: Week of January 16, 2016
Coming Soon!  Galloway Season
At this writing, Halloween has just come and gone.  Are we just as bad as retailers who are already selling Christmas candy?  Or maybe worse?  Yes, guilty as charged.  But our intent is not to trick you into eating more sugar.  Rather, it is to fire up your passion for an active life even before the holidays set in.
January in Missoula is Galloway season.  For the seventh year in a row, nationally recognized running guru Jeff Galloway will be visiting Missoula to share his contagious message of run-walk-running for people of all ages and abilities.  During the week of January 16, Jeff will make several public presentations (details coming soon). 
This year we are observing the grand finale of an unbroken series of annual Galloway visits hosted by Run Wild Missoula.  Please put a reminder on your calendar and share this information with family and friends.  We would love to have the best turnout ever this time around.
Jeff Galloway's visit will motivate us to remain active through the winter season, and to begin early if we want to train for the Missoula Marathon or Half.  Especially for new runners and those who do not currently train on a regular basis, it is not too early to prepare for goal races in July. If you want to follow a run-walk-run approach to injury prevention, training at a gentle pace, and gradual increases in mileage over a period of months, the Galloway approach might fit for you.
Run Wild Missoula sponsors two Galloway classes.  Training for the full marathon (or an early start for the half) begins in mid-January; training for the half begins in early March.  Both classes begin with the assumption that you can already run-walk three miles. If you're not there yet, start now.  More details will be coming soon.   
Galloway run-walk-run training is one of several options for people who want to prepare for the Missoula Marathon.  Run Wild Missoula also sponsors separate marathon and half marathon training classes for runners and walkers.  Both of those programs start in March.
Run Walk Run Wild!
Glenn Burwick and Kristi Kusche,
Galloway Training Co-directors

Member Spotlight: Betty Davis
Meet Betty Davis, a fairly new runner to the Run Wild Missoula community, and someone who's committed to staying healthy.  It all began with a photo from the 2013 Missoula 5K race that motivated her to get active.  Since then, she's completed numerous 5K's, 10K's, a half marathon, and up next, the Boston Marathon in 2017.
Please click here to read more about Betty Davis' journey to become a runner.

Member Spotlight: Nomination Form
Do you know someone from our Run Wild Missoula community that we should get to know better? With 1,600-plus members, we have a wealth of talent, passion, expertise, inspiration, and enthusiasm for running and walking among us.

Maybe it's someone who's been inspirational to you, achieved an insurmountable goal, demonstrated a courage to start (or re-start!), or clearly exemplifies the club's  core values. Perhaps there's another reason? 

If so, we'd like to hear from you!  Simply complete the form on the RWM website, which can be found HERE, and click submit.
Around Town
Run For The Health Of It, November 12, Missoula, MT, 10:00 a.m. at The Womens' Club, proceeds to benefit Montana Cancer Screening,

Run Wild,


Chris Everett, Running Wild Newsletter Editor

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