December 2014
The Impact of the Ferguson Twilight Run on the People of Ferguson


Since 2010, the Ferguson Twilight Run has been bringing together members of our community - men, women, black, white, young, old, rich, poor - for one purpose, to cross the finish line together. At this time, our hearts are hurting for one another. We are hurting for the family and friends of Michael Brown, for the loved ones of our law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, for our friends and neighbors who have experienced violence while working to better the lives of each other, and for our community members whose businesses and livelihoods have been damaged. These are deep wounds that cannot be healed by a finish line medal, but the Ferguson Twilight Run helps us all take a step together in the right direction.


Your understanding and support is needed as we rebuild our respect and trust among one another and rebuild our community. We ask that you join us in helping and encouraging our friends, family, neighbors and strangers to conquer the finish line as well as our everyday struggles. Our community is faced with challenges that are larger than any of us can solve on our own, but we are working together to better ourselves and our Ferguson community.


The Ferguson Twilight Run is the definition of a community event, led by our neighbors for our neighbors. The people who walk, run, wheel in a chair, or ride in a stroller in the Ferguson Twilight Run are an economically and racially diverse group of finish line crossers. We have all trained hard to cross the finish line, and we have encouraged our family, our friends and ourselves to lead healthier lifestyles along the way. We have sponsored school teams so that all young people can train together and cross the finish line together, and we have donated to the causes of community champions so that all residents of North St. Louis County can have safe, convenient and enjoyable opportunities to be physically active.


We ask for your patience as we continue to work to improve the health and wellbeing of our neighbors and our community. We ask for your support in joining us as we train to cross the finish line together and inspire one another to live more healthy, active, respectful and trusting lifestyles.


In This Issue

Donnie White, Sr. Memorial Ferguson Twilight Run Award

In memory of our friend and Ferguson Twilight Run Planning Committee Member, we are renaming our beneficiary award to the Donnie White, Sr. Memorial Ferguson Twilight Run Award. Donnie passed away in September 2014. We are humbled and honored by his leadership and support for the race over the years. With the blessing of his family, we are grateful to share his spirit with the nonprofit organizations in our community that support active living opportunities for residents of North St. Louis County.


Proceeds from the 2015 Ferguson Twilight Run will be awarded to local organizations that provide the residents of Ferguson and North St. Louis County with programs and events that showcase the enjoyable, healthy and sustainable aspects of fitness activities. Additional information and award applications are available at


Why I Keep Coming Back
by Ferguson Twilight Run Planning Committee Member Nez Savala

If I took time to think about it, I could give a long list of reasons why I keep coming back year after year for the race. I don't remember who asked me to join, or how I got involved, but I've been a volunteer committee member since the first year. We hoped for 500 runners and walkers, and that year, we had 900! The energy from the runners and walkers right before the race starts is a feeling I can't describe. It's exciting to watch everyone line up, waiting for the horn to sound to start the race. To watch them take off adds to the excitement. It's fun to cheer on the runners, to shout "WOOOO!" and give high fives. It makes me a little jealous that I'm not out there to run with them, but it's okay. That moment brings it all together for me. It makes me remember why we work so hard to host a good race. It's become so much more than a run or a walk, it's become a community event for everyone.
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