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Why Run?
According to and Running USA, running events in the U.S. raised $1.2 billion for nonprofit organizations in 2012. For IDA and TeamQuest, $1.2 billion could mean millions of dollars for teacher training and support services for each of the more than 10 million students in the U.S. who struggle with dyslexia. You don't need special equipment and it's free... so what are you waiting for? Let TeamQuest show you how you can help the children and future of our world. 

Change It Up!
Riding a bike is a great alternative to running when changing up your workouts. Like running, cycling is a great cardio exercise that also develops strength and stamina. However, cycling is low impact; it gives your joints a break while at the same time keeping you on course with your endurance training. 
While You Run
Fueling mid-race is vital for keeping up with your body's energy consumption. Restoring the lost glycogen helps to prevent fatigue. A sports drink filled with electrolytes is just one of the many options on the market today. You might also try gels, energy chews, and energy bars. The best mid-race fuel is different for everyone, so try different ones to find what works best for you!

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