June 3, 2018  
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Show Your Support on June 3
Our final event of the season is Rock'n'Roll San Diego ½ & Full Marathon. You may not be able to come to southern California this year, but you can still join the Team at a solidarity walk or fun run. Your local school track or public park walking path makes for a great location to rally your community around the need for teacher training in Structured Literacy. It is not too late to register and donate! Click the link below to join. TeamQuest will contact you to support your fundraising event.  

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
While spring is here, take advantage of the warmer weather and plan a day or night at the ball park. Most MLB teams sell discounted tickets for fundraising events. Create a 50/50 fundraiser, where half the donations are for tickets and half goes towards IDA! Nothing beats a cold beverage and a hot dog at the baseball game, except when you add support for dyslexia awareness! 

Athlete Profile 
Peyton Barber, former Auburn player and NFL running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, wasn't diagnosed with dyslexia until college. With the support of tutors and appropriate accommodations, he did not let this hold him back. His coaches admire his ability to work hard day in and day out. He said this about having dyslexia, "I don't see it as a disability; I see it as an ability. I see it as something special and unique in many ways. Yeah, I may learn differently, but at the same time, I'm thriving." Peyton is a true inspiration to so many children with dyslexia.

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