February 2017 Newsletter - Rotor Clip
In May of 2005, when the National Industrial Fastener Show was in Baltimore, Rotor Clip founder Bob Slass was visiting the booth and speaking with the owner of one of my other principals. Bob asked a question about a machine that began an in depth conversation between the two about the best way to work around a problem unique to the machine's setup.
When Bob left, the owner looked at me and asked how many of the machines Rotor Clip had? "None" I replied. The owner said "Only someone who had run one [of those machines] would even know that was a problem, forget about how to fix it".

Back at Rotor Clip, I recounted the story to Mr. Slass and asked him how he knew about the problem? He told me that when he was a child, his father would fix the machines after work and Bob would read the manuals!

Bob Slass founded Rotor Clip in 1957 in a small building on Allen Blvd in Farmingdale NY. In the sixty years since, it has grown to be one of the largest retaining ring manufacturer's in the world! Read on to see their remarkable story.
Rotor Clip Retaining Rings
Retaining rings are metal fasteners that are installed into a groove on a shaft or in a housing or bore creating a shoulder that retains an assembly. They eliminate threading, tapping, drilling and other machining operations associated with more traditional fasteners like screws, nuts, bolts, cotter pins, washers and more. They can significantly reduce production costs since the grooves can be machined with other production processes.

Overall they provide a more compact, functional design than their traditional counterparts. Advantages over traditional fasteners include less shaft/housing preparation, reduced weight and size of finished design, and lower costs of raw materials and labor. If you have any questions or applications, you can request a quote, or request samples.
Rotor Clip Spiral Rings & Wave Springs
Rotor Clip's TruWave flat wire wave springs help to save up to 50%
of axial space in your application when compared to conventional coil springs. The result is more compact applications in which unnecessary space and therefore excess material of neighboring components can be reduced to a minimum.

Rotor Clip can cross reference and offer competitive pricing on existing parts. Or if you have a new design, use the wave spring design form and see how Rotor Clip's technical sales department can help you solve your application problems

Still Made in America

Although Bob Slass passed away in January 2009, his legacy lives on as his sons Jonathan and Craig, and the over 300 worldwide employees of Rotor Clip take their company to levels even Mr. Slass never could have foreseen. To learn more about his story, and the remarkable rise of Rotor Clip, download the Rotor Clip e-book: " Still Made In America - The Story of Robert Slass and his Contribution to US Manufacturing". From Allen Boulevard to the over 200 thousand square feet of manufacturing space in Somerset, New Jersey, "Still Made in America" tells the story of a company where "innovation", "dedication", and "hard work" are not just slogans, but are part of the DNA of this American success story.
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