The weekly Runjob Review  highlights news, topics, and trends in the construction industry.
Runjob Review - week of 10/03/16
The weekly  Runjob Review highlights news, topics, and trends in the construction industry.
Giving Workers a Voice Makes Jobsites Safer

As a project site safety manager, if all you had to do was "safety" all day, your job would be easy. But as a safety professional, much of your time is spent convincing project managers, superintendents and executive management of the value is spending money on safety to improve the bottom line. A highly effective means of improving the bottom line with minimal cost is the implementation of a site safety committee (SSC) on your projects...
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Our software is a Hawaii product! Designed and developed in Hawaii! Enjoy lunch on us, meeting new colleagues, and learning about Runjob Software's newest module! Runjob's founder will be present and also our chief engineer to address your questions! 

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