Energizing the U.S. Economy:
Rural America at the
Epicenter of America's Energy Future
Reserve Officers Association - Top of the Hill Symposia Room - 1 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002
In addition to being a food and agricultural powerhouse, rural America is also the epicenter of American investment in and deployment of renewable and fossil energy. The Appalachian states, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming are positioned in the eye of the shale explosion, while the Midwest and Great Plains are leading wind energy and biofuel investments. By simultaneously examining the collective impacts of several energy sources, it is possible to obtain a more thorough assessment of the implications of federal policy-making approaches.
As decision makers consider policy methods to advance America's energy and economic future, it is critical to be aware of the structure and economics of rural energy impacts for landowners and local communities. Wind, solar, and shale gas development each have labor, leasing, and financing implications for the local, regional, and national energy economies. The event will cover:
  • The importance, vulnerability, and potential impact of the U.S. rural energy economy in providing greater energy security.
  • The local and regional implications of income benefits that farmers and landowners receive from land use-related energy contracts and that local communities receive from taxes and other new revenues.
  • The long-term community impacts of energy tax incentives and industry maturation.
  • Programs that support rural energy infrastructure and growth.
  • The event will conclude with a summary of the anticipated policy choices for rural energy development. Generally, the ideal for integration is to minimize impacts, maximize benefits, and support long-run growth.
9:00 AM - Introduction

9:05 AM - Keynote - Why the rural energy economy matters for both renewable and oil and shale gas development in the context of the energy policy.

9:30 AM - Focus: Local Governments
10:30 AM - Focus: Landowners and Famers
11:30 AM - Focus: From the Field
  • Kelley Oehler, Rural Business Program Branch Chief at USDA Rural Development.
12:00 PM - Closing Comments