Dear LLT Friends,

The sun for me this morning is rising over the city of Bursa, in western Turkey. A few days ago I saw it rise over the cobbled streets of Berlin, in eastern Germany. In just a few days I’ll see it through the trees outside my own bedroom window. Same sun wherever I go. Same God with me wherever I be. “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” He says. I’ve found this to be true.

My new grandson arrived on schedule and with evidences of God’s presence, hugs and kisses from his brothers, and showers of gifts from the villagers. Now I go, and how I’ll miss his tiny head against my neck, and the sweet arms of his brothers around my neck! Eternity can’t be soon enough!

It was a quick trip to Berlin last weekend, where I spoke to a small church and their guests about death – what does the Bible teach, and what is man and what happens at death? It was new to many – the Scriptural view of man as mortal, subject to death; of death as an unconscious sleep; of a future resurrection when all receive the reward of their works. It was a precious time, and a number of visitors scheduled studies with the Bible workers.

Most surprising to me in that land of the Reformation, was the lack of familiarity with the Bible. When I referenced the story of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from death, my translator told the whole story because, as she explained to me, Germans don’t know Bible stories.

“It was too fast,” said an elderly gentleman who traveled an hour and a half by public transportation to come. The Bible verses found no familiar “hooks” in his memory. That wouldn’t surprise me in Turkey, where we know the Bible isn’t used, and while the Qu’ran speaks of Abraham, Moses, David and others, the allusions are brief. But it did surprise me in Germany. The gentleman will study the Bible online, and I know he will find it enlightening.

While we don’t like to talk about death, it’s a relevant topic for everyone. Most of us have lost someone we love to death; if we haven’t, we will. And we each are facing it ourselves. I’ve seen that sharing the comforting truth about death can reach hearts for God.

Friends, we serve an awesome, loving God. We’re blessed beyond measure to know Him. I’m struck by what a small minority we believers are on this planet, and by the fact that millions are deprived by the enemy of souls of the opportunity to know God.

Do you ever walk down the street, ride in a plane, shop in a mall, look at the people around you and wonder how many of them know that God is real and loves them? I do too. Do you wish you knew what to say, like Jesus and the woman at the well? I do too.

I so want God’s Spirit to overflow me with divine love, to pour His words and His acts through me, to give me sensitivity to know what people need.

Pray with me for that Spirit, that outpouring, that will flood the world with a knowledge of God!

Thank you for the foundation of financial support you provide, and your continued prayers. I cherish them and ask for more!

In Christ,

Pat Arrabito