Car of the Week: Russ Stroh's Corvette

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Car of the Week: Russ Stroh's C7 Corvette  

This week's featured car comes from Russ Stroh up in New Jersey. He's got a 2014 Torch Red C7 Corvette that he outfitted with Fire Red Rimstripes (6032-1/4-BIG Rim).

Russ sent us a nice long email detailing his experience with our product:

"Rocky" start to the rimstripe project:

A beautiful fall day in New Jersey:

The plans were set, help my sailing "Buddy" with the winter storage of his catamaran, and install the "Rimstripes" on my Red C7 Corvette, two retirees taking care of their "Toys," the sailboat took about 3 hours to clean, cover, and move to the back yard... On to the next project, we broke out jacks to raise the car, had the "Instructions" before us. Try as we may, the install was not going well, to say the least! We decided at that point, to do the "Unthinkable" for most men, ask for DIRECTIONS!!!! We called "Mr. Stripe-It-All," Rob Masecar, after some time discussing the situation, we concluded the install tool had to be reconfigured."

Rob here:  I got a call from Russ and luckily I was in the office because there have been instances where I haven't been at the shop to offer instantaneous support to customers. He tried to explain what the tool was or wasn't doing, but I couldn't quite picture it, so I asked Russ to send me some pictures.

The pictures showed that he wasn't using the Right End Bumper Assembly as shown on section 4 of the instructions, and he hadn't cut the rimstripe set into individuals stripes before the install. I think he hadn't completely read the instructions . . . it's definitely a guy thing!

For reference, here's the correct way to assemble the tool with the Right End Bumper:

"Oh by the way, at this point Charlie moved on to more productive tasks, and left me to my own devices. Try as I may, I couldn't find a particular part for the tool...could have fallen through spaces of the deck?"

Rob again:  Russ called me in hysterics because he thought he'd dropped the Right End Bumper through the slats in his deck and couldn't reach it, but called me back later in the day to tell me he'd found it.

"I called Rob to have him send the "Missing" piece, and I, like Charlie decided to move on to more productive projects....going home, to "Regroup"....when I got home, I discovered I had the part all along. Two days later, a clearer understanding of the process, Charlie and I finished the job beautifully. The results can be seen on Rob's "Gallery"...A great big thank you to Rob, and friend, Charlie!

The Stripes look pleased!

Russ Stroh. Torch Red 2014 C7 Corvette Coupe"

Thank you, Russ! 

That's it for this week!

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