September 2017      

Russian River Fish Monitoring
image: Josh Asel

California Sea Grant's Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Program has been hard at work this past year, monitoring juvenile salmon and steelhead on dozens of creeks in the summer, documenting adult returns to the basin in the winter, and running downstream migrant smolt traps in the spring.

Santa Barbara Area Coastal Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment report
image: David Hubbard

The Santa Barbara Area Coastal Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment (SBA CEVA) was created to assist the Cities of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, and Goleta and the County of Santa Barbara in planning for adaptation to climate change.

images: Jessie Altstatt (left and right) and Dan Richards (center)
In collaboration with UC Santa Cruz's Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network group, CASG Extension Specialist Carolynn Culver created, a website that includes a reporting system and more information about invasive seaweeds.

Abalone and crustose corraline algae
image: Athena Maguire
Study from CA Sea Grant Extension Specialist Jennifer O'Leary 
finds calcifying algae may be resilient during ocean acidification.

Delta Science Fellow

Apply for 2018 Delta Science Fellowship - Deadline Monday, September 25, 2017 

State Fellows Blog 2017

Catch up with the State Fellows as they acquire acquire "on the job" experience in the planning, implementation and management of marine and coastal resource policies.

Delta Science Fellow
courtesy photo

In partnership with the Delta Stewardship Council Delta Science Program, California Sea Grant has named eight early-career scientists to the class of 2017 Delta Science Fellows.