Village Gospel Harvest is preaching the Gospel and starting churches everywhere God leads us!

Georgia on my mind!

The power of the Body of Christ!

During Sunday service in Tbilisi Pastor Mamuka interpreted for me from Russia into Georgian. I preached on the importance forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

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This trip to Tbilisi and Zugdidi was special. After I preached at the central church in the capital of Georgia I travelled to Western region of the country - Mengrelia with the strong religious and cultural traditions.

But our missionaries are dedicated to preach the Gospel in every village!

Georgian Priscilla and Aquilla are changing Mengrelia.

Iya and Giya are husband and wife just like Priscilla and Aquillla - started several churches and trained disciples . Bezhani ( the one with the glasses on) is their "Timothy" - their dearest son in the Lord who is one of the most effective preachers and evangelists ! All the time I spent with them and other leaders instructing and inspiring them - they were listening for hours . They asked questions, took notes! True disciples!

Bezhani and Devisi are the ones we bought two vehicles last year for them to travel to remote the villages !

Russian churches bought portable sound equipment for Iya and Guiya!

During Pastor zoom session with Russian pastors I introduced to them Iya , Guiya and Bezhani and they asked to pray for them to bless them. When my pastors asked what are their needs - they said - the portable sound system to preach the Gospel on the streets of towns and villages. Immediately villages churches of Russia started to send money and it was more than enough for them!

Pastor Guela always attends my seminars when I come to Georgia! It is amazing how humble and teachable he is!

I spent a lot of time instructing leaders and also preached the Word a the Saturday service in Zugdidi church !

Narguiza is amazing. Years ago she and her husband Levani started a church in Zugdidi and trained disciples. They took under their wings missionaries apostles Iya and Giya and became like spiritual parents for them. Levany sadly went to be with the Lord but she is going strong in the Lord and also is happy to see me when I come to Zugdidi.

Nona is a cousin to Bezhani. It is not often you can see a single beautiful young lady who is a spiritual leader in the church. Especially in traditional Mengrelia. But Nona is the one who is an example and inspiration to other young ladies . She is not looking at religious opinions but only following God and fulfilling His will.

Nona is very effective Bible teacher and business woman!

This picture is taken when we visited leaders in Orsantia . It is the very first church that was started by Iya and Guiya when they moved to Western Georgia! Amazing hospitality, amazing time, thirsty for the truth people!

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