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 December 2017

Can you believe it's December already?! 

It has been a busy past two months. In October we attended the Frankfurt Book Fair and met with many publishers and agents. In November we participated for the first time ever at the Sharjah International Book Fair. There we attended the professional programme and exhibited at the Librarians Conference. Finally, we are back in our offices and  we want to thank yo u for a wonderful 2017, and at the same time let you know  about new titles and how well some of our business, training, and self-help titles have sold in this quarter. Be sure to download our catalog from Frankfurt and if there are any books you wish to review for translation, contact us.
Cat Russo

From ATD Press
How Did I Not See This Coming? 
A New Manager's Guide to Avoiding Total Disaster

by Katy Tynan
Publication Date: December 2017

First-time managers are under tremendous pressure but are often totally unprepared for the rocky journey ahead of them. This book tells the fictional story of Julie, a onetime star producer, to illustrate how a new manager can successfully make the transition to a leadership role. It offers five basic truths about management--starting with recognizing team values and strengths--that can be learned by anyone.

Association for Talent Development (ATD Press) Recent Rights Sold!

Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being  Turkish, Vietnamese
Go With It: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change Vietnamese
Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation Portuguese
Play to Learn: Everything You Need to Know About Designing Effective Learning Games Portuguese
Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life Chinese (simplified characters), Japanese

From OldTown Publishing
The Anti-Procrastination Habit

by S.J. Scott
Publication Date: September 2017

Simply put: Procrastination limits success. Unaddressed, it keeps people from achieving their goals in life. Bestselling author S.J. Scott can help. He delivers a straight-forward, systematic framework for building an action-oriented habit through all areas in life-with actionable advice to break the "anti-procrastination habit" and eliminate barriers to results and success.

Oldtown Publishing-- Recent Rights Sold!

10-Minute Mindfulness: 71 Habits for Living in the Present Moment Vietnamese
Anti-Procrastination Habit Chinese (simplified characters)
Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying. Relieve Anxiety, And Eliminate Negativity Thinking Chinese (simplified characters), Vietnamese,  German, Estonian, Italian, Polish
Habit Stacking: 127 Small Actions That Take 5 Minutes or Less
Chinese (simplified characters), Korean, Vietnamese
Novice to Expert Chinese (simplified characters), Vietnamese

From TCK Publishing
The Happy Mind
A Simple Guide to Living a Happier Life Starting Today

by: Kevin Horsley & Louis Fourie
Publication Date: January 2018

The search for happiness is fundamental for all humans, but it is not one-size-fits-all. The Happy Mind will help everyone discover valuable insights within themselves so that they can create lasting happiness instead of being driven by short-term pleasure-seeking. From the author of the bestselling Unlimited Memory, this book is the roadmap to living a happy life, custom-designed just for you.

TCK Publishing -- Recent Rights Sold!

Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese (simplified characters), Chinese (complex characters), Korean, Italian, French

From Maven House Press
Twisted Leadership
How to Engage the Full Talents of Everyone in Your Organization

by: Charles C. Manz and Craig L. Pierce
Publication Date: September 2017

Twisted Leadership presents a new way of thinking about leadership-as a dynamic, complex social process, not just a role occupied by someone at the top. By integrating self, super, shared, and socially responsible leadership, the book shows step-by-step how anyone, at any level of an organization, can be a leader based on the context, goals, knowledge, experience, or needs of the group.

Maven House Press -- Recent Rights Sold!

Twisted Leadership: How to Engage the Full Talents of Everyone in Your Organization  Chinese (simplified characters)

From Marc Reklau
Destination Happiness
12 Simple Principles That Will Change Your Life

by: Marc Reklau
Publication Date: October 2017

This new book helps anyone, regardless of where they are in their lives, to tackle the question of all questions: How can I become happier? It debunks the idea that you are either a happy person or you're not, and that there is nothing you can do about it. Its 12 simple principles reveal how to cultivate the habits and mindset that have been scientifically proven to fuel greater success and fulfillment--and, ultimately, arrive at the destination of happiness.

Marc Reklau -- Recent Rights Sold!

30 Days: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life  Japanese, Korean
Destination Happiness: 12 Simple Principles That Will Change Your Life  Japanese, Vietnamese

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