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The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook

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The business of the 21st century is sustainability. It is vital that leaders, managers, and employees all have the mindset and tools to surmount the challenges of transitioning our complex business ecosystem to support sustainable enterprise.
Our Mini-MBA: Sustainability-Aligned Leadership and Strategy program will guide you through key components of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) including economic, environmental, social, and technological impacts from a business perspective. It will help participants m ove  forward  with determination,  testing  out  new  paths and  possibilities  that will generate the progress and innovative approaches needed for a successful transition to sustainability.
- Purposeful Leadership- how to better coordinate your personal and corporate purposes, and fine tune your own people management skills
- Strategy and Sustainability - learn about emerging business models and innovations that advance sustainability, and thinking applied to understanding the planet, society and economy as interdependent systems
- Integrated thinking - develop new ways of thinking that are trans-disciplinary and even trans-organizational. Learn how sustainability affects and is affected by various functional perspectives such as supply chain, sales & marketing, product development, manufacturing & operations, finance, and human resources.
A unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive perspective that introduces key components of sustainability into your organization, including goals, strategy, global considerations, and financial impact
Taught by authors of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook 2nd edition with deep expertise in sustainability and CSR strategy as well as practical experience. Together, you will build a plan tailored to your professional goals
Through an experiential learning process using the GlobStrat triple-bottom-line business simulation, learn to apply new mental models, integrated thinking, and leadership skills - and better understand the planet, society, and the economy
Better understand how innovation and emerging business models are disrupting industries and advancing sustainability (such as the circular and sharing economy)
Become a thoughtful partner across the organization by employing strategy and tools critical to achieve effective multi-functional progress toward sustainability and CSR goals
Communicate to decision makers how organizations that prioritize sustainability succeed
This program is presented in partnership with Rutgers University professors, authors and practitioners from Transitioning to Green.

Align your Leadership by joining us October 8-12, 2018

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Jeana Wirtenberg,Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Professional Practice  
Rutgers Business School