August 2017

Here's a recap of blog posts and other news from the past month.

The big event that has been dominating posts on davidhealy.org and RxISK.org was the Panorama program on the Holmes case.

The key point here is the difficulty in talking about the effects of treatment. If a drug has been linked by its manufacturer to an outcome like homicide, and if a case can be made that the drug had this effect in a particular individual, then we have a major problem if this defence cannot be used. A jury can decide whether it agrees or not, but if they are not given the chance to hear this argument, then this is bad news for all of us.

Blog posts over the next month will return to this from another perspective.

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If you look at the adverse events section of the sertraline - Zoloft - label you will see in small print that sertraline has been linked to psychosis, hallucinations and aggressive reactions. Its there in small print. These links have been there since the mid-1990s. Vanishingly few doctors understand what is going on here.  [...]...»


This evening a Panorama program aired on the issue of antidepressants and violence. The driving forces behind this were Andy Bell and Shelley Jofre, prompted in the first instance by Katinka Newman. The story is to my mind compelling. There have been considerable efforts to cloud the picture - see Honey I Shrunk the [...] ...»

Dr. David Healy
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Health Warning: Let me put down some markers before riffing on the Grassy Knoll theme. I am a committed believer in what may now be a last millenium concept - the medical model. I think antidepressants - the older tricyclics and ECT, not the more recent SSRI and other antidepressants - can save lives. I [...]...»


The image is of Science Media Centre funding from their website. This post links to Whats Going on Here, Honey I Shrunk the Shrinks, and to the two Prescription for Murder Posts on RxISK.   When AF's email came in first, it seemed far from private as he now claims. The choice of [...] ...»


This arrived out of the blue. The list of those copied in makes it look like its anything but spontaneous. Simon Wessely is recently vacated president of Royal College of Psychiatrists, and one of the Trustees of the Science Media Centre.  Paul Summergrad and Jeff Lieberman are former presidents of APA.  JL offered [...] ...»


Prior to the Panorama program Prescription for Murder tonight,  a flurry of experts denounced the scaremongering. This didn't just happen by accident. The denunciation effort was also more intense than the pressure brought to bear on the original Panorama programs in 2002-2004. The change is in part down to the fact that [...] ...»