December 2018

Here's a recap of recent blog posts and other news.

The RxISK end-of-year message centres on the need for a new approach to healthcare. 

Life expectancy in Western countries is falling. This fall does not stem from a new disorder that will respond to a new pharmaceutical or device. In fact it is quite the opposite. One contributory factor has to be the increasing number of medicines each of us takes every day (see the Welsh Senate Withdrawal Seminar blog post). 

Taper MD -- our effort to turn things around -- is currently in clinical trials and in pilot roll-outs. It will launch in 2019.
Up to this point, the RxISK website has featured accounts of problems that arise after a treatment begins and the difficulties in getting doctors to listen. We welcome any accounts readers have of how de-prescribing has changed their lives or revealed problems from treatment they didn't know they were having, along with accounts of collaborative efforts with doctors to reduce their medication burden. If you are interested, and the accounts are suitable, these could run as blog posts on RxISK.

Thank you for your support. 
Your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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Last week a seminar on dependence on and withdrawal from antidepressants took place in the Welsh Senedd, overlooking Cardiff Bay. It was the initiative of and organised by Aled Jones of Prescription Drug Awareness, Support and Treatment, under the auspices of Mark Drakeford - the First Minister.  The Senedd building was a stunning setting for [...]...»


Lawyer Needed For a job that will offer no pay. The case will be in the family courts and involves a divorce petition but its not clear that the lawyer needs to have any family law experience as this will be like no prior family law case. A number of posts on RxISK and davidhealy.org [...]...»


James Moore on his Let's Talk Withdrawal site has recently posted the following.  The reason to reproduce here is that it seems to overlap so much with the Peter Goetzsche Affair - see below.  In both instances we have an ex-Collaboration in one case and almost ex-College in another more concerned with their brand [...] ...»

The news today in the UK is that nearly a quarter of young women have mental health problems - Here. A similar message appeared in this article from New Zealand a few days ago - Demand for university counselling services grows 25 per cent in two years - the text without photos and videos is below. [...]...»

Dr. David Healy
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This post is a break in the usual coverage but the contents are just so good they demand to be shared. Uninvited Guests is a brief video produced by Superflux.  Superflux have worked and work closely with many of the people that readers of this post are likely to be wary of if not downright [...]...»


This post clearly links to last weeks I've Caught Her Virus. Following the Panorama program Chris Exley wrote to the BBC.  The correspondence is here and elsewhere on the net - notably Age of Autism.  Annie has commented about a Lancet article by Heidi Larsson on the virus of misinformation about vaccines. This makes media [...]...»


My Virus Writing Pharmageddon in 2008 - 4 years before it was published, I described the effects of a virus which is destroying medicine - a clinical immuno-deficiency virus. In this domain there is another factor not found with tobacco or industrial chemicals that isolates doctors who attempt to bring the hazards of a drug [...]...»


In recent years under Amar Jesani the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics has emerged as one of the few venues willing to engage with pressing bioethical issues without fear of whether pharmaceutical companies or governments might be offended. Amar approached me a week ago to comment on the Goetzsche Affair.  I borrowed a phrase invented [...]...»