January 2018

Here's a recap of recent blog posts and other news.

Artwork Sale in Support of Sexual Dysfunction
One of our volunteers has generously commissioned a textile art piece, which she is auctioning to help raise money for the RxISK Prize campaign. The piece is by Josie Russell, a very talented textile artist based in North Wales. Full details can be found in the blog post Better Times Will Return .
If you aren't in a position to bid on the piece, you can still make a donation via the RxISK Prize page. If everyone reading this newsletter donated just $10, we would far exceed our target of US$100,000.
In November 2017 we created four new videos to promote the campaign and explain some of the related issues:
Reliable translations have been made into Italian, French, German, and Welsh by our readers. If you can contribute a translation in your language, we would be grateful. (Full instructions on how to activate the subtitles and translations can be found in the blog post RxISK Prize: Campaign & Challenge.)

Thank you for your support. 
Your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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RxISK Blog

The following blog post comes from Mary Hennessey. It's a wonderful example of the generosity we have seen in response to our RxISK Prize campaign, in support of men and women who have been left with permanent sexual dysfunction after using antidepressants, finasteride, or isotretinoin. Commissioned textile art piece - to be sold I commissioned [...]...»


Following on from The Princess and the Frozen Pea, this is a second post in a PGAD series. There will be one more on the range of conditions mentioned here that are often linked to PGAD - interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysnergia, prostatitis and others. See also PGAD Video Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder [...] ...»


Imagine: sitting with friends - maybe a couple of people you have never met before also present - having supper. You're uncomfortable; it's hard to sit still. You try hard to concentrate on the conversation - the political turmoil erupting around you, or a film someone's just been to see - but you can't. Because [...]...»


The following article about Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS) by Andrea Downey appeared in The Sun on November 29, 2017. (Keep reading after the article). COMING DOWN WITH SOMETHING? BOYS, do you get a stuffy nose, fatigue and the sweats after you've had sex? No, it's not because your performance was so mind blowing your body [...]...»


The RxISK Prize campaign took off 3 months ago.  The generosity of donors from all walks of life - many out of work because of the impact of these conditions on them - has been astonishing. There have also been substantial anonymous donations. While many of those affected have lost faith in doctors and pharmaceutical [...]...»


When reading about the experiences of people with Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD), one of the common themes is the difficulty that some sufferers have faced in trying to obtain a formal diagnosis. However, this isn't always the case. There seems to be a disparity between the experiences of different PSSD sufferers when engaging with the [...]...»


This is the third in a RxISK Map series of posts - See Reformation Day and Here We Stand. These link closely to the RxISK Prize. There are two aspects to finding a cure for an adverse event. One is understanding the biology. The other is getting it established that the effect happens. [...] ...»


This post runs hand in hand with Vampire Medicine and Cisparency on David Healy.org.  It is the second of three posts, following on from Reformation Day laying the basis for a RxISK Map which is linked to the RxISK Prize. When you are facing down the barrel of a tank... Pharmaceutical companies, medical [...] ...»


Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed a set of theses to a Church door calling time on a scam. A scam that had the backing of the political and religious authorities of the day. When challenged his response was "Here I stand, I can do no other". Today is Reformation Day. The drama in [...]...»

Dr. David Healy
David Healy's Blog

In 2017 the Sense about Science (SAS) John Maddox (JM) Prize was awarded to to Riko Muranaka for her efforts to counter apparent misinformation about the HPV vaccine. MedWatcher Japan are the group who have helped raise the profile of concerns about the HPV vaccine in Japan. When it comes to tackling the adverse [...] ...»


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads; And [...]...»


In Pandemonium and Pandemrix the question was when and what basis is it possible to agree with an obviously smart women, as AM is, that there must be a link between the Pandemrix she was given and  the narcolepsy she ended up with.  No one really tackled this head on. The answer has [...] ...»


At the heart of RxISK is the idea that if something goes wrong for you on some medication you are the person best placed to know if there is an issue.  But again and again when people raise a problem they find they are invalidated - nonsense, rubbish, its your illness or whatever.   [...] ...»


This is the fourth and final post in the Trick or Treat series that started with Vampire Medicines. These posts need to be read linked to the RxISK MAP posts. These are the theoretical background.  The MAP posts are the practical - what needs to be done posts. Access to Medicines In the [...] ...»


This post follows from Vampire Medicines and Cisparency and Transparency and links to Relationship Based Medicine on Rxisk.  The painting is of Joshua crossing the Jordan with the Arc of the Covenant - an image that catches the essential features of climactic scene of Raiders of the Lost Arc with Joshua in the [...] ...»


This post continues Vampire Medicine and links to Reformation Day on RxISK and forthcoming posts - Here We Stand. Between 2002 and 2004, giving antidepressants to teenagers and the risks of triggering suicidality became one of the most high profile issues in medicine.  Raising a profile should be the way to put things [...] ...»


This is the first of four Trick or Treat posts.  They make most sense when read in conjunction with the RxISK Prize posts especially the series of 3 posts starting tomorrow. In 1962 RCTs were added to the regulatory requirement for marketing medicines.  This looked like a definitive stake through the heart of [...] ...»


Its the end of October when every Irish person going back millennia  gets taken over by Halloween - not just the Celts, those who come and stay get bitten too, as Bram Stoker could tell you. So there will be a series of 4 posts to mark the occasion, starting next week, previewed here.  These [...]...»


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a pretty harrowing movie.  In brief a new SS Kommandant and his family come to a camp.  The Kommandant seems like a reasonable man.  His family seem very normal. His son makes friends with a boy behind the wire. They ultimately create a hole in the fence between [...]...»