November 2017

Here's a recap of blog posts and other news from the past month.

Rational Prescribing and Polypharmacy
I highly encourage you to watch Dr. Dee Mangin's recent talk on rational prescribing and polypharmacy:  A troubling pharmaceutical cocktail (8:00).

Dee is the David Braley Chair in Family Medicine at McMaster University in Canada, and this talk was part of "The McMaster Institute for Research on Aging presents The Walrus Talks." She is on Twitter @DeeMangin.

As we age we often develop an increasingly complex mix of health conditions, and each one can require yet another prescription. As a result, seniors often take a medley of drugs that can interact with each other and other diseases in harmful ways. This is an invisible crisis for older adults -- one that Dee and her team have been combatting with a methodology and a tool  to help reduce the medication burden in seniors. The project has been a great success, and the team is in the process of validating their findings through clinical research studies. 

Stay tuned.

RxISK Prize Update
The latest donation total for the RxISK Prize for a Cure for P ost-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction  (PSSD) is just over US$28,000,  with 80 donors from 16 countries.  There are 197 countries on earth, and we would love to receive donations from each of them. Can you help by spreading the word?

We now have a growing series of RxISK Prize posts. These will be followed this month by RxISK Map posts.

Thank you for your support. 
Your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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