October 2018

Here's a recap of recent blog posts and other news.

RxISK's petitions to the FDA and EMA about the permanent sexual side effects resulting from antidepressants appear to be under active consideration. We have written to all affected asking them if they are willing to let us indicate to the regulator they are prepared to put their names forward. The rationale here is that regulators often dismiss hundreds of reports on the basis that, without names, these are hearsay. It is not possible to dismiss the reports of people willing to be questioned in the same way, especially those whose doctors also indicate they see no other way to explain the problem; the justice system could not function if witness testimony could be dismissed in this manner.
Allied to this, RxISK has now submitted a petition to the FDA asking that PRSD (Post Retinoid Sexual Dysfunction) be included on the label of retinoid drugs prescribedfor acne (see Petition for Isotretinoin Sexual Side Effects).
On DavidHealy.org, recent posts have centred on a major crisis in Evidence Based Medicine linked to a dispute between Peter Goetzsche and the Cochrane Collaboration. Goetzsche and his supporters see no point in continuing the charade of reviewing ghostwritten publications without access to the underlying data.

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There are long-standing reports of sexual dysfunction linked to the use of isotretinoin, a retinoid drug used in the treatment of acne. FDA and MHRA received the first reports of sexual dysfunction involving isotretinoin in 1983 and 1985 respectively, and according to a publication in The Lancet, Roche had received 150 reports of problems affecting the [...]...»

This post returns to PSSD - post SSRI sexual dysfunction - PRSD - post retinoid sexual dysfunction - PFS - post finasteride sexual dysfunction and PGAD - persistent genital arousal disorder.  See our RxISK PSSD page for the many prior posts on these conditions There is also post on davidhealy.org - Khashoggi and [...] ...»

In recent years, there has been increasing concern about the problem of antidepressants finding their way into the environment. These drugs aren't fully absorbed by the body and are present in human waste. Small concentrations are then flowing into rivers via wastewater treatment facilities where wildlife can be affected. In August 2018, several media outlets reported [...]...»


This post has just arrived. We need to know if the treatment outlined makes any difference to others with PFS, PSSD and PRSD.  It looks safe to test. You can help us by testing it if you have one of these conditions.  We'd also like to know if you are aware of any [...] ...»

This post closes our series on akathisia. Along with posts on davidhealy.org, the other posts were: Akathisia Anthem 500+ Drugs that Cause Depression and Suicide - AKA Akathisia Akathisia Challenge Even Politicians get killed by Akathisia In 500 drugs that cause depression and suicide, we mentioned building a new list of drugs that can cause [...]...»

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The image that was here  will be repeated and explained next week Who will Rid me of ... Events from Washington to London and elsewhere surrounding the gruesome death of Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of the Saudi hierarchy link well with the difficulties everyone of us has when things go wrong on [...] ...»

The US Supreme Court approval process opened the lid of an earthenware vase marked Trust. Do I trust you, can I trust the system, to believe me when I say I have been abused? I have not mentioned this abuse before now. There was no option but to put up with being abused by you, [...]...»


There were no plans to write a part 5 to a 4-part series but this account by David Hammerstein, a Cochrane board member, clamors to be spread.  One more point to mention is if what Cochrane is doing now is junk, then the NICE and all other guidelines are also junk.  So there is [...] ...»

This is the fourth in a sequence of posts on the possible disintegration of the Cochrane enterprise.  The most recent being the Valley of Death.  Archie Cochrane was one of a group of British doctors who came back from World War II committed to social medicine, some of whom like Richard Doll, who [...] ...»

Part 3 of this Cochrane sequence follows on from last week's Data Based Medicine. While the histories of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) celebrate a first use of randomization in 1947, and there was some use of RCTs, primarily in mental health, in the mid-1950s, RCTs were a minority interest until 1962 and might have [...] ...»

This post continues a sequence that began with Cochrane Cock-up.  It centers on treatment efficacy. A third post will center on safety where Cochrane has failed even more comprehensively than on efficacy. A fourth will feature some of the protagonists. The Cochrane Collaboration took shape around two foundational ideas.  One was that randomized [...] ...»

The Akathisia theme of recent weeks will move over to RxISK for the moment to leave room for some posts about an astonishing meltdown in Cochrane centered on the HPV vaccine. The Cochrane Collaboration began a quarter of a century ago aimed at trying to pull together the best available evidence on treatments.  [...] ...»