September 2016

Here's a recap of blog posts and other news from the past month.

Last month's new page on antidepressant side effects proved to be popular, so this month we've revamped our main guides on  antidepressants and  antipsychotics. We've also added a new page about  antipsychotic side effects. There are more guides in the pipeline.

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Also published this month is Study 329 Continuation Phase. This was a six month extension phase of Study 329 that has remained unpublished for 18 years. It's not hard to spot why GSK chose not to publish.

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RxISK stories

This post is a review by Johanna Ryan of Alan Schwarz's just released ADHD NATION: Children, Doctors, Big Pharma, and the Making of an American Epidemic. Watching the triumphant final chapter of Michael Phelps' Olympic swimming career last month, you couldn't help admiring certain strengths that went beyond the merely muscular. The rigorous [...] ...»


Katinka Newman's The Pill that Steals Lives brings out the hazards of being put on a treatment that then becomes the problem that other treatments are used to treat. In her case she could have easily killed herself - or her children. The website 100Families.org lists 1250+ cases where mental health is linked to homicides. [...]...»


This request came to RxISK through Contact Us, last week. It went out to several of the panel who contribute to our responses, some of whom have qualified in medicine and some who have qualified by going through the medical system. There was no consensus among us about how to respond. Beneath the [...] ...»


This post reflects a probably not uncommon reality. There is no doubt people can be left with permanent dysfunction after a short course of SSRIs, or permanent depersonalization, so a permanent change of identity is possible and even likely for some - but features nowhere in the books. The author initially figured his [...] ...»

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From David's blog...

In 1939, in the laboratories of Geigy pharmaceuticals, Paul Mueller discovered that DichloroDiphenylTrichlorethane DDT killed insects more effectively that anything else then available. Robert Domenjoz, the later creator of imipramine, had the job of evaluating it.  He did the testing on lice that was to make DDT one of the best-selling pharmaceuticals in the world. He [...]...»


In 1936, three workers at the Halowax Corporation in New York State, who had been working with chlorinated naphthalenes, developed chloracne - a skin condition that Viktor Yushenko's face brought dramatically to world attention in 2004, when he was standing as the pro-Western candidate for the presidency of Ukraine. Chloracne can be caused by many [...]...»


In her comment, reproduced below,Sally was the person who best got to grips with what I was struggling with in last week's post and this week's and for the next few weeks. Drug induced injury is one sphere in which we get injured. Turning to other spheres may give us some ideas about [...] ...»


Sally's first Go Figure post with its 100 comments outlines the basic dilemma facing RxISK - how can anyone who has been injured by treatment get people who have not yet been injured to wake up. The next 5 - 10 posts will pick up various ways this dilemma has been answered over [...] ...»