September 2018

Here's a recap of recent blog posts and other news.

Billiam James, one of Canada's most noted environmental campaigners, has written a song, Akathisia, I Can't Keep Still (this pill is making me ill), to raise desperately needed awareness of akathisia, a treatment-induced mental state that regularly leads to suicide and homicide.
We need help to share Billiam's anthem through social media channels, forums, support groups, and in any other way possible. Please do whatever you can -- ideally by linking to the Akathisia page on the RxISK website (which includes the song's video and where you can purchase it). 
The song has a gritty, hard-hitting message, which is rated with "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" on iTunes and Amazon. It's for people who feel like their meds are not working as promised, people who have been through the system and know that something is wrong, people 25 years and up. Teenagers just don't have this kind of experience, and besides we would get in deep shit -- their parents and doctors would freak if they see us telling "innocent" teens not to take their meds.   
Some of us don't agree. What do you think? This question has featured on David Healy.org, and we welcome your input.

Thank you for your support. 
Your feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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This continues our series of the lethal effects of akathisia running on RxISK and davidhealy.org - with special reference to Little Red SSRIding Hood and Even Docs get killed by Akathisia. Akathisia and treatment induced suicide took a political turn over the weekend, along with the issue of whether teenagers should be informed [...] ...»


A post on May 31st on davidhealy.org, The Greatest Failure in What Used to be Called Medicine, and the following post on the Spectre of Dissent, triggered two conversations. One was about the appropriateness of the imagery used. The other was a long conversation initiated by Tim and then developed by Heather about what to [...]...»


Billiam James' Akathisia Anthem released last week and available HERE is timely.  Since this headline in Newsweek in May 2013, things have got worse.  In America since 2015, life expectancy has been falling and in other developed countries it has stopped rising. Recent American studies have fingered rising suicide rates as one factor in this [...]...»


A link to the Akathisia Anthem song and video is available on RxISK's Akathisia page.  There will be follow up posts on RxISK and DavidHealy over the next two weeks. Akathisia anthem Akathisia, Akathisia You make me wanna Make me wanna Akathisia Thank you doctor for this little pill But the fact of the matter, it's [...]...»


On Becoming an Articulate Hand-Grenade Psychiatric strategy and tactics are based on faith-healing, replete with speaking in tongues (language), fortune telling (promises of happiness), and snake oil (drugs).  Their model is the ABC's of selling; "Always Be Closing"...quiet compliance and enlistment, the goal.  They know what's best for you. Beware infantilization; it is endemic in [...]...»


In the midst of chaos there is opportunity"   Sun Tzu By June 2013, during the usual fail-replace-repeat treatment 'plan' of the state behavioral health providers, I found myself in the perfect storm of bad drugs and deadly 'care'. Within a 2-week period, it involved Risperdal, tardive dyskinesia-both eyes, Lamictal, NMS, the ER, more Lamictal, anaphylaxis, [...]...»


This is the second in Krista Hartmann's 4 parter on changing her medical records.  See part 1, Unicorn. "What the mind doesn't understand, it worships or fears".  Alice Walker When I encountered the psychiatric industry in 2004, I was a 53- year-old, sun-surf-beach chasing artist with a solid education and middle-class origins. I [...] ...»

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This post by Johanna Ryan is part of a series on DH and RxISK centered on Billiam James's Akathisia Anthem. Pamela Wible, M.D. has been one of the leading voices speaking out about physician suicide. She has done a lot of good, too, by being open about the abuse of doctors by the system [...] ...»


Billiam James' Akathisia Anthem available HERE with lyrics Here raises the profile of one of the most neglected problems in medical care. There may be up to 500 commonly available drugs that trigger depression, agitation and suicadality - see RxISK 500+. The song has a gritty, hard-hitting message - rated with "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" on iTunes [...]...»


A link to the Akathisia Anthem is now live on the RxISK Akathisia page which includes more details on D.I.E.T. Pills. There is a parallel post on RxISK and will be follow up posts here and on RxISK over the next two weeks. AKATHISIA ANTHEM LYRICS: Akathisia, Akathisia You make me wanna Make me wanna [...]...»


The idea of managing lethal epidemics by imposing a quarantine flourished in Italy in the fourteenth century.  In their efforts to control the plague, Italian towns regularly put blocks on trade particularly maritime traffic from affected areas. This seemed sensible and may have worked to some extent. But if you don't know what is in [...]...»


This post follows last weeks In the Name of the BBC.  There will probably be two more posts on Hostile Environments and The Anti-Facts Brigade. The titles and this photograph come from the movie In the Name of the Father - a compelling 1993 move about the Guildford Four which comes complete with [...] ...»


A recent BBC File on Four program on Antidepressants in Children, presented by Paul Connolly, has drawn disparaging comments on posts here. Here is some background detail. I was interviewed for the program. My messages were as follows: That the trials of Prozac in children were identical to the trials of other SSRIs and other [...]...»