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"The foundation stones for a balanced success are
honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty."
- Zig Ziglar
Client of the Month: Dawes Septic and Repair
Looking for unmatched septic and excavation services throughout Ulster, Orange, and Dutchess counties? Read on to learn more about Dawes Septic and Repair, our October Client of the Month!
Am I Covered When I Lend My Car to Friends or Family?
At some point, you've probably let someone else drive your car. But have you ever thought about whose insurance policy would have to pay if that person got into an accident in your car? Read on to find out.
Tackling Troublesome Tenant Risk with Rental Insurance
If you rent out property, it's likely you've encountered a bad tenant or two. (You know the ones—those who never pay on time, trash the place, aren't respectful of other tenants, etc.) This article outlines these different risks and how rental insurance covers them. (And because home rentals have their complexities, we recommend giving us a call at 845-340-0001 if you need help navigating your rental insurance policy.)
In the Community
Ryan & Ryan Insurance was proud to sponsor RUPCO's Community Lunch last Thursday, October 10th.

RUPCO is the region's leading provider of and advocate for quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed to provide opportunity and revitalize communities.

Thursday's Community Lunch was held at the Kingston YMCA, and the event offered presentations, networking opportunities, and lunch for attendees. For more information on RUPCO, visit www.rupco.org .
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