August 2021
Reflections - August 2021
This month we thought we would do our update a little bit differently and just give it a little reminder of who Serve and Equip is and what we do, along with some of our current events. 
We, as Serve and Equip, provide free Bible training materials online as
well as technical support to a variety of individuals and ministries. 
One way to look at it, might be , that just like the name, there are two primary parts of WHO Serve and Equip is. 
We Serve,… and Equip. 
We SERVE - with hands on assistance for various missionaries, pastors, and ministry organizations through technical assistance and training. 
We EQUIP - not only in technical areas but also by providing free Bible training materials worldwide through the internet, email, social media as well as other mediums. The resources have been used by individuals, SS teachers, Bible school teachers, missionaries, pastors... Really, anyone who desires to grow in Christ can use these free materials. 
For many years we have sent out a weekly "Growing in Christ" email topics. This series walks through the books of the Bible a few verses each week. Last summer, we began adding a video reading of each topic as an additional resource.  
  • Praise the Lord that we have been able to record all the remaining topics for the series on Matthew. 
  • We have also been continuing the recording for the next set of email topics which covers Genesis - The Book of Beginnings. The Genesis series is being recorded by our volunteer Karsten. Praise the Lord for his willingness to serve in this way. 
  • Pray for Jocelyn as she has taken on most of the editing for all of these various video projects. 
  • Recently the S&E board established a project to raise funds for the purchase of updating our local servers. The initial goal was identified at $10,000 however tech prices have continued to increase over the past several months. Pray that the Lord will provide the funds in HIS time.  
  • This week, Tim Young from the ministry organization LightSys, will be here helping with a variety of OUR tech needs. Pray that this will be an effective time for us to re-evaluate our needs and identify the best tools to accomplish those needs. It's always a great encouragement when Tim and his wife Patricia come - both through technical means but also as a brother and sister in Christ - serving the Lord together.  
As always, thank YOU for your continued prayers and partnership as we seek to Grow in Christ together. 
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