July 2021
The pond looks a little different from the last update video shot here a couple of months ago. Recently, we discovered that the koi fish had been busy and laid eggs. Over the next few days, it was incredible to see activity going on inside those eggs. And then they hatched - hundreds, actually thousands of little tiny translucent swimmers.  What a beginning of new life with all of these little fish. (Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/moorelynden if you want to see more of the KOI)

Over the past few weeks we had been doing some "behind the scenes" work for our upcoming weekly email video topic which covers Genesis - the Book of Beginnings. This series lays the foundation of ALL creation when God spoke the world into existence. Even the ancestors of these little fish that began their new life here, had their original beginnings back at creation when God spoke everything into existence.

Before we start the Genesis series, we're going to have a short series from Duane Anderson on the diagram, "You Can Receive Forgiveness of Sins". Be sure to sign up for the "Growing in Christ" email devotionals - scroll down the page when you visit http://sveq.org/email to subscribe to this series.

The Lord loves it when we depend upon Him. One of the ways we can do that, is by praising Him and praying for each other.

  • Praise the Lord that we have wrapped up the Growing In Christ email series "Helping Our Children Present Jesus as King" covering the book of Matthew. Since we started the accompanying videos on part 3 of the 4 part series, we hope to get videos recorded for part 1 and 2 of the series in the next 6 weeks before Jeff leaves for California. This is an ambitious undertaking to squeeze into such a short period as there are over 45 videos which still need to be recorded to complete the series. Please pray that equipment would work as well as for the many details that go on behind-the-scenes.  

  • As we begin shooting the Genesis email videos:
  • Praise God for the young man who has expressed a desire to serve the Lord by presenting the Genesis material.  
  • Pray that the Lord would help give him endurance and clarity as he presents each of the 28 topics in this series. He is currently planning to video one topic per week. The Genesis series will be delivered through the weekly email starting this fall.

  • Praise the Lord that Jocelyn is helping out again during the summer. Pray for her as she edits the video footage and that the Lord would be glorified in the "end product". She will be working on the series "You Can Receive Forgiveness of Sins" which will be delivered through the weekly email this summer. She also hopes to work on the Matthew and Genesis footage as it becomes available.

  • Last month we mentioned that the board had started a project to raise funds to replace and upgrade our aging server equipment. Pray that the Lord would provide the funds necessary to get this equipment and for wisdom as certain components costs are presently skyrocketing. Pray with us for God's perfect timing.

As always, thank YOU for your continued prayers and partnership as we seek to Grow in Christ together.

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