November 2021
Reflections - November 2021
Thankfulness –
This is a season when many of us reflect on what God has done for us and express thankfulness to HIM for His providence, strength, mercy, and faithfulness. While this has been a year which has included difficult times, loss of family or friends, loss of employment, sickness and many other challenges, GOD has always been faithful – and will continue to be.  In that context of thankfulness, I’m reminded of Psalm 100:3-4 where we're instructed to be giving thanks to God - in gratitude or a spirit of thankfulness "...for the Lord is Good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations." Our circumstances could be ANYTHING - 1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us to give thanks in EVERY circumstance. As this year comes closer to an end, only one more month to go - let's be praying with an attitude of thankfulness, that God will help each of us to finish the year well, trusting HIM for HIS strength, for HIS glory all in gratitude for what HE has done.

Prayer Requests and Praises:
  • Praise the Lord for individuals who have partnered with S&E over the years, including many who have given sacrificially of time and resources to help S&E effectively serve our Lord.
  • Praise the Lord for our two new board members. Thank the Lord for the way He has equipped these individuals to effectively serve Christ in serving with S&E.
  • This past month, we have been developing some "video shorts" that can be viewed on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, with the specific goal of targeting this social media audience more effectively. The first set of "video shorts" are evangelistic in nature. Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom in developing these "shorts" to concisely present Biblical truths with the limited amount of time available. Some of the videos are less than 3 minutes while others need to be less than 60 seconds. Pray that the Lord will use these short clips to open the eyes of those who do not know Him as well as encourage those who do to dig deeper in their study of God's Word and help them as they share God's Word with those they come in contact with.
  • Every Second Friday of the month at 10am Pacific time we have a Zoom Prayer meeting. We pray for the things the Lord is doing through S&E as well as some of our personal challenges. If you aren't able to join us for the "live" prayer meeting, let us know you are interested and we'll include you on the email that goes out with the more detailed prayer requests that we can't include in these updates - then we can be praying together for the same things even if you CAN'T make it at 10am.
  • We have just had elections in our state. Thank the Lord for people He allows to be in leadership both locally and nationally. Praise the Lord that He is always working behind the scenes. Many of those in authority may not have a relationship with God. Pray that God would open their eyes to the truth of His Word - as one day they, as well as the rest of humanity, WILL stand before Him to give an account.   
  • Coming into the winter months, pray that the tools (equipment) God has allowed as the backbone of this ministry will be protected from power surges and outages and be able to continue functioning. This past week, the power was out again for two hours. Battery backups were able to keep most of the equipment running until it could be safely powered off, and also allowed us to find out which battery backup equipment was not working correctly so that hopefully it can be fixed before any extended outages we may get.

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